Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Have you met PRIMPED?

www.PRIMPED.com.au is your go-to for how-to of beauty and today launched it's new look which really is so beautiful. 
Editor Yasemin Turker says the new look site means that "all the content is organised in a much more reader-friendly way, allowing you guys to see, search and play with all our information."

The new exciting section is the Shop Front which "is an alleyway into your favourite online shopping brands. It’s here that we have PRIMPED Exclusive offers, as well as brand specific information that you really need to know about. Be sure to check out ShopFront regularly, as we’ll will be deals galore going on in here." Now when we read a blog about a great product we can buy it straight away. This is so relevant for our generation of the instant gratification. 

 So pop on over to have a little look see and tell all your friends because these guys are really on the nose with all the latest and greatest in the world of beauty.

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Terax Shampoo and Conditioner, where have you been hiding?

The Terax haircare brand has been around along time as a leader in hair care and in my opinion has cult status. I have always been the kind of person where if there is a product everyone always talks about I have to try it! (I am the same with movies) I guess I just don't like the thought of not being able to put my two cents in... haha
Back to reason behind this post... I was able to finally try 2 of the products the Latte Clarifying Shampoo- $24.95 and what I consider to be their Hero product the Crema Condititioner-$29.95.
Let me start by saying I have always (pretty much) used the Priceline goodies from the likes of Herbal Essence, Sunsilk, the cheaper end hair care (not that there is anything wrong with it) but I have never really understood how someone could spend so much on hair care.
When I used the Shampoo the first thing I noticed was it smells like coconut liqueur... not the usual floral fragrance I am used to but I pushed through. When I used the conditioner it smelt (faintly) like seafood... I think that is the best way to describe it... It isn't as gross as it sounds.
The shampoo is a honey colour and is very runny in consistency which is kind of annoying as it runs out of my hand but my hair really agrees with it and builds up a great lather.
The conditioner I feel is quite a small tube, well I just don't think it will last well. The actual conditioner is white and nice and thick. I can tell instantly when I rub it into my hair that my hair laps it up like a big glass of water on a hot Summers day.
When I rinse it out my hair already feels soft and silky.
After when I dry my hair this is when you see the magic of Terax. Not only did my hair feel stronger, but it was ultra soft and silky and in better condition that it has felt in a long time. The smell doesn't linger in your hair either FYI.

So how does it do this? The Shampoo contains silk proteins which gives your hair the softness and the Latte is what cleans your hair or daily gunk build up (so great if you use a lot of product in your hair, also if your a swimmer) so you know your hair is really getting clean! When buying shampoo and conditioner it is important to look out of ingredients like sulfates and silicone as these can strip your hair of its colour and many hair care brands are avoiding their use, something Terax prides itself on.

The Conditioner contains Shea butter (a product I am absolutely loving right now) and its ingredients help to repair split ends and prevent breakage. There is one quote I want to use as this sounds fantastic "By altering the pH level of the hair, Terax Crema Conditioner opens the cuticle and allows moisture into hair leaving it soft, silky and shiny" I had no idea conditioner could do that. 

I already have purchased another tube of the conditioner as I want to continue using it as soon as this baby runs out and I am sure I will be using it for a long time to come. 

They are available: Through David Jones and also online through stores like adore beauty. 


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Please Note: These products were given to me to trial

Monday, November 29, 2010

NEWS- Actor Leslie Nielsen dies aged 84.

It was announced today that Naked Gun actor Leslie Nielsen passed away at aged 84 after battling Pneumonia for the past 2 weeks. 
I have loved his films ever since I was a young child and he will be sorely missed.
"Nielsen's agent John S Kelly told TMZ the veteran actor was surrounded by his wife and friends when he died." (ninemsn)

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Don't leave the house without this ONE product!

Finding the Ere Perez Natural Cheek and Lip Balm $27.95 was like finally finding that one product that I know I will be using every last little molecule of it.
This product is my new the house is burning down and apart from all the family photos etc this is my one beauty allowance I can take.
I always carry it in my handbag as my emergency beauty touch up. This product is a cheek and lip stain but I feel it goes much further than that.
I love applying it to my cheeks, at first the colour can seem quite strong. So to use I just lightly dab my finger onto it and rub into not just the apples of my cheeks but slightly further up along the tops of my cheek bones and then I get some more colour just for the apples of my cheeks to build on the colour for a fresh "flushed" look. I remember something I was told a million years ago about blush that it should look like you have "just gone out for a light jog". 
This is why it is great for a pick me up and also if I am just popping down to the shops on the weekends and don't want to wear heavy makeup, I'll pop some of this one and some mascara and I am good to go.
As a lipstain, again it lasts well and gives you a natural "just bitten" look on your lips. On your lips it is very moisturising as well so it is all you need.

I think we all need these really easy to use products that you can just grab on the run and your good to go, I mean who has time to do a full face of makeup sometimes??

You can find Ere Perez Makeup: by the map on their website which you can view here, or you can buy online.

What's your one product you would grab from your burning house?

miss chew


Please Note: This product was given to me to trial

Friday, November 26, 2010

The wonder-brow pencil (wonder-brow gettit)

Recently I went and had an amazing brow makeover and I haven't looked back (you can read all about it here).
One thing that the amazing Lien taught me was how to use a brow pencil and the difference it can make when you are not only trying to grow out certain sections of your brows which, for me were over plucked (whoops).
The pencil she recommends is by Maybelline called the Define-A-Brow Eyebrow Pencil which I got in Dark Brown, it maintains a sharp point throughout the time you use it and has a eyebrow hair brush at the end too. Priced at $13.95 means it is uber affordable and it has been a pleasure to use.
It is also waterproof which means it really lasts throughout the day.

I took a before and after to demonstrate how it makes a difference.

BEFORE: See I still have good shape but they could be better..
AFTER: The definition and thickness is much more prevelant
Amazing how one little pencil can make such a crazy difference!

The pencil is available through chemists, Priceline and other department stores.

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

LUSH- Butterball Bath Ballistic...easy ticket to chill out town

At the end of a long stressful day I really do enjoy my baths and this amazing bath ballistic from LUSH fits the criteria to a T to be able to get me to that happy, relaxed place as fast as possible.
The bath ballistic in discussion is called Butterball-$6.50. It contains cocoa butter, musk and ylang ylang which smell amazing. What I really love is that as the bath ballistic melts there are tiny little pieces of cocoa butter which melt in the water which helps to leave your skin feeling really smooth and when you get out of the bath you smell amazing!
I just find the scents mixed together has a really calming effect and I like watching them fizz and melt away.

I like to stock up on these babies so that if I have a stressful day I can drop one in and drift away...

You can find them: In LUSH stores or online at www.lush.com.au.
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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Leaving your brows in the hands of the professionals...

My Brow-inspiration Camilla Belle

Camilla Belle is my absolute brow idol...as one with dark bold brows naturally (which I thank my lucky stars that I was blessed genetically) and with generally what I considered to be good shape of my brows, I never really thought grooming my brows was something I needed to worry about, I was wrong...
Meet Lien Davies, brow expert who I had met through work and who has taught me just how amazing my brows can actually be.
To book in to see Lien from Brows and Makeup in Bronte you need a months notice, yes she is that good and in that much demand.
When my appointment was penciled in I made a mental challenge in the spirit of being a good little blogger to leave my brows alone for the full month to really give Lien something to work with and to really see the difference. Luckily I was able to wear my hair down over my brows so you couldn't really notice and it was hard, let me tell you!

Here is my brows before, (don't judge me):
When you see Lien she doesn't use wax which I am a big fan of as my skin is sensitive. She works her magic by trimming, plucking, shaping and taming your brows into new amazingly symmetrical shape.
The main point that I learnt was that the arch on both brows was off with the left one being off by over a centimeter (whoops) and they were almost two centimeters too long on the ends, so much for me thinking I understood how to shape my brows.
What I also learnt is that the hairs were too thin under the arch so this is the area where she didn't really touch as this is the area I need to grow them. She explained that it will take time but she will be able to assist in helping them to grow by the way they are shaped.

Here is the after:

The AFTER I swear I look like a different person!
As you can see there is a MASSIVE difference! I couldn't be happier!!
As you see they are trimmed, plucked and are looking fantastic. By trimming your brows you actually make them thicker. She also taught me all about using a brow pencil which I will talk about more soon.

I will now continue to see Lien once every 6 weeks.

I will maintain them by plucking any strays and the area which I am growing out I will leave. By keeping her rule of using a eyebrow pencil to line it up next to your nostril and then to your outer brow edge and any hairs outside of that can be plucked and then taking the same pencil from the outer nostril to the inner brow line and any hairs that fall in between the brows from that line can go. I hope that makes sense.

Having well groomed brows not only frames your face but can change your whole complexion, beautiful polished brows are hot right now and whether you see a brow expert one or regularly it is educational to at least learn what is the right shape to be able to guide you with your own maintenance.

To find out more information you can visit Lien's website at http://www.browsandmakeup.com/.

I highly recommend you give it a shot and leave something as important as your brows in the hands of the professionals!

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Only in America...can you buy Pickled smelling lipbalm

One of my gorgeous girlfriends who just came back from the good old U S of A brought me back a lovely present, Pickled Dill Flavoured Lip Balm.... yummm.... not!
Only in America would you get such tasty flavoured balms!
It actually smells like MacDonalds gherkins! Gross!
They also have other such wonderful flavours such as Nachos and bacon...
I don't think this will be high on my beauty agenda but it good for a laugh!

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A liquid exfolliant? Aveda brings out the goods!

I was blogging yesterday about my recent spa treatment I had at the Rejuvenate Spa and Salon and one of the things I loved was that they used Aveda products, a brand I had been wanting to use for a long time.
The one product which really blew my mind was the Botanical Kinetics Exfoliant- $54.95
This little baby is amazing. It is a liquid exfoliant which is used once a day at night time. The liquid removes all the remaining gunk, and the dead skin cells from the surface of your skin which as I have said before really amps ups your cell turnover making your skin amazing. By having a cleaner surface it means all your amazing moisturisers and cremes are going to work much more effectively. 

It's key ingredients are salicylic acid which is great at cleaning your skin of any nasties as well as Lavender and German Chamomile which calm your skin. My skin is quite sensitive and it loves this!

I apply it at night after I have cleansed my skin instead of using a toner. I grab a cotton pad and dab the liquid onto it and then wipe the pad all over my face. I use 3 pads; one for each cheek and one for my forehead. After I wipe all over my cheek I take it all the way down my neck as well and I am constantly amazed at how dirty the cotton pad will be after!! So ya know it works. 

This is really great if you, like me, apply a lot of product to your face as it is even more important to make sure you are starting with a completely clean slate each time otherwise that shiz will just build up!

Aveda Products are available through spas and salons.  For stockist details please call 1300 300 054.

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Marc Jacobs Solid Perfume Bracelet and Ring AVAILABLE NOW!

I hate having regrets in my life... and I use the word hate, which is why I usually make sure I get the most out of life and do what I want to do and don't hold back. This was a regret.... not purchasing the Marc Jacobs Lola Solid Perfume Ring was one such occasion...

BUT..... from now the amazing Marc Jacobs has launched another line this time as a bracelet for Lola and a ring for Daisy.

They are $65 each and are available through MYER and David Jones. If you want one I would snap it up quick smart. I have asked this on my Chrissie list from my folks and have explained to my mother that she needs to purchase this A.S.A.P!!

Don't let this be a regret, I know I won't!
Now you will never be without your favourite, amazing scent and will look totes fashionable wearing it and will be the envy of all your mates!

miss chew


Rejuvenating Facial- I mean, died-and-gone-to-heaven facial...

Let me take you on a sensory journey... It's with these words that my rejuvenating facial at Rejuvenate Salon + Spa in St Leonards began...
When I first entered this unsuspecting day spa I was whisked away from the busy main street to another world.
I was first asked to fill in your basic survey to find out exactly what your skin concerns are and to work out what earth sign you are (I'm water I think which is contributed to my skin which can be congested at times) and then you are taken to a change room to get ready.
The change room itself is beautiful and each guest is allocated a locker which if you see in my picture above is well equipped with a fluffy bath robe, slippers, hair wrap, and once you are all dressed you are asked back out to the front room where there is a bowl of hot soapy water for your feet to soak in whilst the sensory journey really begins.
You are asked to close your eyes and take in 3 different scents and asked which is your favourite. The one I ended up choosing was Rose this will form the basis of the scents in your treatments.
Once your feet are dried you are taken into a treatment room where the walls are painted beautifully dark and feels warm and relaxing. I laid down on the heated bed (yes heated) and the facial begins. This treatment isn't about everyone receiving the same type of treatment it's about your therapist really working out what your skin needs and any problems you may have and catering a treatment specifically to your skin.
After my skin was thoroughly cleansed and a mask was applied to my skin, a steamer was placed over my face to open up my pours and really let that mask work deep into my skin.
What I loved about this facial as there was so many different masks, scrubs, hot towels, massages, I was trying to keep a mental list of every treatment but it was really hard as there was to many to count.
She also had a good look at my skin under a bright light and performed some extractions which I was in desperate need of as I had a few pesky blocked pours which even undergoing the most stringent beauty regime this can still happen especially with my congestion prone skin.

I took a before and after pic as well so you could see how much my skin was glowing after this facial.

Before- All dressed in fluffy bath robe and ready to go!
 And then the after...

The "After" can everyone say GLOW-ING!
I really think everyone can benefit from having a facial at least once a month, it's like getting a tune up for your skin and your therapist will be able to assess your skin and recommend products that will actually treat your skin as they are trained to know about the ingredients in the skin care and will know what will work for you.

This spa uses Aveda products that are all natural and I will blog about my new favourite product soon.

You can find out more about this spa from visiting their website http://www.rejuvenatesalonspa.com/

miss chew


First sunscreen purchase of the season...

With the industry I am in and the more I learn about beauty the more I am becoming some might say paranoid about sun protection. I'm now in my mid 20's and with fair skin I know how susceptible I am to the dangers of the sun. I also am so completely aware of the damage that sun can do so I really want to protect myself and prevent this at all cost. This is probably the motivation behind why you see so many posts from me about fake tanning...
What I am most paranoid about is my face and d├ęcolletage. It ages you ladies! So with this in mind I purchased my first sunscreen of the season on the weekend. I had actually wanted to buy another one which unfortunately this shop didn't stock so I decided to try the Neutrogena Ultimate Sport Sunscreen Spray-$17.99. As my boyfriend I were going to the beach I knew what I needed was a sunscreen with a broad spectrum SPF 30 + as this was hardcore sun exposure.

I was attracted to the fact that it was an aerosol as I find they are so easy to apply and they are usually more easily absorbed without that dreaded white sheen some get when you apply it... It makes me shudder...

This sunscreen was very light although as it's an aerosol rather then a spray bottle it's a nightmare to apply at the beach as the wind carries it away and I have to spray it into my hand then rub it on. Its very quickly absorbed and smells a bit masculine which I didn't mind and I think my boyfriend really liked. It lasted really well with both of us and provided fantastic coverage. I can see this as my boyfriend missed a little patch and was bright red! Naughty, naughty! 

Overall I do really like this sunscreen but might not be the best option for the beach though.

What Sunscreen are you lovin right now?

miss chew


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Why Cherry Lips are on Trend Right NOW!

Thanks to the lovely Helen from Sassy Bella I was lucky enough to win a nice little packet of goodies.
The first thing that grabbed my attention was this beautiful cherry red lipstick from Rimmel. This beautiful little gem is called Alarm- $9.95 from their Lasting Finish Lipstick range. Now I don't know where you have been hiding if you haven't noticed how hot cherry red lipstick is right now, I know that being the lover of bright lipstick that I am this colour totally appeals to me.
When I used this lippie I noticed it smells really sweet and is a joy to apply.
The colour is so beautiful and rich and the most important thing is that it is really long lasting! To me this is a massive difference.
Case in point is the ever beautiful Rashida Jones.
Keeping all other makeup basic and just going for one stand out feature will always be a winner in my books.
Here is how it looks on me...

And for the close up...
Red, red, red, is hot, hot, hot!!!

You can find this lipstick: At all leading department stores and Priceline.


miss chew


Twilight lipstick for that just bitten look...

I have a confession to make... I am a twi-hard. Yep, I love them. I read the books way before there was ever going to be a movie and have watched every movie many times. I am more of a team Edward kind of girl. When I found out there is a range of Twilight makeup I was very excited and couldn't wait to see what they had.
The first item is their lipgloss called Femme Fatale Myth.
The first thing I must say is the packaging is absolutely beautiful.
The colour itself is very dark which I was a little hesitant about. I know dark plum, red wine lips are a hot look right now so I wanted to work out how I can rock it.
Just like Lea Michele below who looks fantastic in this colour, clearly a hot trend!
When I first took the lippie out I noticed it has a very strong aroma of a coconut fake tan (it is a little weird...) But the colour really is delightfull!
When I put the colour on I need to put a bit on to get the full strength then I notice that it settles and blends in.
I have taken 2 pics of myself with the lippie on so you get an idea of what it looks like.

Here is the close up. It is very glossy and is a beautiful plum colour.

Here is the full picture.

Tips to remember: What I think is important is to not over do the other makeup you use. Bascially in this picture I have no other makeup on, completely bare faced. If I was going out I would stick to my foundation and a little blush and bronzer the only thing I would use is maybe liquid eyeliner to keep the attention on my lips, just like Lea Michele has.

I think this is definitley a trend I will continue to use

They are priced at: $20

To find out more information: Visit their website http://www.twilightbeauty.com/

miss chew


Please Note: This product was given to me to trial

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

An eye creme to soothe, heal and repair your beautiful eyes, thanks Burt's Bees!

What I would love to talk to you about is this delightful little eye creme. I have been absolutely hanging to tell you about this post since the very first time I placed it around my eyes but being the good blogger I am I waiting patiently to see out my 2 week trial to see the results before posting this blog.
I can tell you one thing, my opinion of this eye creme has not once differed from my first use.

The eye creme I am referring to is none other then Burt's Bees Radiance Eye Creme with Royal Jelly-$34.95.

The list of wonderful ingredients
My last eye creme has actually run out and I was as keen as mustard to try a Burt's Bees one especially considering how much I have loved each and every other product that I have tried.

The beautiful little pot of heaven
My favourite ingredient? Why the Rosehip oil of cause!
Rosehip oil is a little joy, not only does it nourish and hydrate your skin but it improves the condition of fine lines so I know I am in good hands.

When you apply the cream you will notice that it is only very subtly naturally fragranced and there are no additional smells which I love as I am not a fan of fragranced creams on my face unless they are beautiful oils.

The cream blends in well with your skin and I notice it feels so hydrated for a long time after using it. Not only has it made my eyes feel amazing after and awake but the condition of the skin around my eyes feels great.

I make sure I use mine morning and night and you only need a tiny, little bit as it spreads far.

I will be using this little baby til it all runs out. I highly encourage anyone to try this cream as it's not only effective but feels amazing.

miss chew


Please Note: This product was given to me to trial

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Drumroll please.....and the WINNER is.............

I popped all the people who entered my first competition into a hat and randomly picked a winner and that is Angie from On Obsession with the Fabulous!
You have WON a beautiful Chic Australia Makeup compact worth $49.
I will email you to be able to get your details and your prize will be mailed to you shortly!
So happy for you it's a great prize.
Thank you to everyone for entering and stay tuned for more competitions!!

miss chew


Want a Nail Polish Colour to make you Happy? Why look no further...

This delightful little baby was won from a wonderful competition from Elise at http://www.thenailfile.com.au/.
I had never tried China Glaze yet I had heard how amazing they are so I was beyond excited to win!! (Thanks Elise!). My goodness I was not disappointed. I will be doing many more reviews from this range, do not worry...
This delightful little trumpet is called Lemon Fizz and totally fits into a gap I had in my nail polish collection as I didn't have any yellows. I have seen them on a few girls nails and had always been a little jealous.
Normally with a light colour you need to apply and reapply multiple layers of colour to get a bold colour yet I could almost get away with only one layer it comes out that bold.
The colour is nice and thick and oh the colour is so dreamy I swear I smile every time I look at them.

Another plus is that it is already getting compliments! *Blush*

You need this colour: If you need a pick me up or are having a rough day, totes better then a cupcake- when you are trying to be healthy :)

The Price: $14.95

They are available from: Spas, salons and from the Hawley website.

What do you use as a pick me up?

miss chew


An amazing, natural, luxurious handcream from Sodashi

I love my handcreams and I churn through them like they are going out of style as my hands get so dry and cracked and I need to try really hard to make sure it doesn't happen.
The latest one for me to try is this beautiful new brand I have come across called Sodashi.
The handcream is called Hand Rescue Cream- $68.40. It contains wonderful ingredients such as avocado oil, macadamia oil, vitamin E, Shea butter, grape fruit seed oil, lemon and rosewood. Some of my absolute favourite nourishing ingredients. The smell is amazing and when applied at night I actually think it helps me sleep as it is so soothing.
The cream is so rich in beautiful oils that you don't need much, which in my opinion makes up for the cost.
The bottle is amazing and is made out of black glass. I think the only disadvantage is that I can't carry this baby in my handbag so I just leave it on my nightstand.
This cream screams luxury and considering it is also chemical free it is beyond worth it.

You can find this cream: In salons which you can find in their salon locator so click HERE.

You can also buy: Online at the Sodashi website http://www.sodashi.com/

I can't wait to try all the other products as they are so amazing.

miss chew


Monday, November 15, 2010

The truth about healing your nails after having acrylics...

So I this year I had fake acrylic nails for about 7 months and one decided I couldn't be bothered anymore and wanted to be able to chop and change my nails as often as I like.
Now I am going through all the dramas of growing them out and I wanted to share with you a few things about what is like to grow out your nails and some tips and tricks for you to remember.
See the picture to the left to see the actual condition that my nails are in whilst growing out. I know it's not pretty but if you look close enough you can see I am about half way.
  1. Whilst growing your nails out, keep them short, I mean non-existent nails short! I learnt this the hard way as your nails are so weak and thin right now and will break and break a lot of the nail off which means you are left with not only a painful nail but one that looks even worse. Every time I go to paint my nails I trim them.
  2. Everytime I paint my nails I use a hardener nail polish as my base coat to help strengthen my nails.
  3. This is just a waiting game, eventually your nails will totally grow out and then you can start a fresh with nice strong nails again, but it just takes time. I just make sure I keep my nails painted to cover up the fact that they are a bit flakey and that's it!
miss chew


The New Blue Eyeshadow...

If you think blue eyeshadow was just a trend of the 80's then think again...
Just as much as I love to experiment with different colours on my nails, I love to experiment with different eyeshadows.
I was given this beautiful Arbonne Blue Eye Shadow called Blue Slate and had been dying to use it.

What I love about this colour is that it is illuminous. It has a subtle shimmer which goes on beautifully.

The way I apply is by dabbing it on with a eyeshadow brush rather then rubbing it in. I like to take the colour up to just above the crease in my eye so you can see it when my eyes are open and closed. I also make the colour bolder on the outer half of my eye to accentuate my eye.

The colour is very long lasting I wore it to a party and it lasted perfectly all night.

I made sure I prepped my eyes first by applying my primer on freshly cleansed skin and then once the the primer had been able to seep in then I was able to apply my foundation and then I use translucent powder to set it.

Once I applied the eye shadow on top of my lid I took a thin slated eyeshadow brush and applied a thin line on my lower lash line from the middle of the lash line to the outer corner to blend in.

I then used a liquid liner in black from the middle top lash line to the outer corner making it thicker as I went along and this time I didn't wing it out as It would have been too much.

Then my look is done!

The eyeshadows cost: $26

You can find out more information: By visiting their website 

miss chew


Please Note: This product was given to me to trial.

My First Competition ENDS TONIGHT!!!!

Hey guys,
This is just a REMINDER that my...
First Competition!!


Before we get to that I want to tell you about the wonderful product I have currently been trialing which you will be able to win.

The brand is called Chic Australia and was the work behind Lois Yaghoubour who has her own salon as well as being a makeup artist.

When you talk about this product it's not so much what it does but what it doesn't do. Below is one of the 2 colours I have called Waratahstar which is a bronze colour with a copper shade with subtle shimmer.

But first, the initially selling point for me was that it is baked on a terracotta tile which means that unlike other bronzers or blush say, when you drop it, it won't break! Massive bonus! How many bloody bronzers I have broken and wasted money on because I am too clumsy for words! It also means it really lasts as well.

Next is the beautiful arrange of colours, all subtly different from each other. When you look at the compact you can see a faint shimmer and almost slightly different colours which reflect from the light.

I chose 2 different shades. One is more of a bronzer and the other has a peachy tinge.

This product is designed to have 7 different uses, each as amazing as each other, which I will detail now:
  1. Bronzer
  2. Blush
  3. Contouring
  4. Eye shadow
  5. Lip Colour
  6. Eye liner
  7. Highlighter
What I use it most for is as a contouring powder to really emphasize my cheekbones. It was explained to me that when you are applying the makeup either to contour or as blush/ bronzer you really need to work the product into your skin warming the product which will make it last all day.

To use it as a eyeliner you wet a brush before working into the compact and applying it to the eyes to give yourself bolder colour.

As a highlighter I like to use it on the top of my cheekbones and also on my eyebrow bone. 
    For me I find this product just so incredibly handy, I can pop it in my handbag and I can do touch ups of so many parts of my makeup through out the day.

    The RRP for the compact is $49.95 and considering all the uses its a bargain. 

    You can buy online at www.chicaustralia.com.au or in selected salons.

    So I am lucky enough to be able to give one of these lovely compacts away.

    To go in the running you need to
    • "Like" my miss chew facebook page and suggest to 10 friends, which you can view here.
    • Once suggested just comment on my facebook wall.  
    • Answer my question in the comments below in my blog "Which feature are you most looking forward to trying with your new Chic Australia Makeup?" with your email address and that's it!
    • Note: Only one entry per person but feel free to suggest to as many friends as you would like.
    Competition closes on 11:59pm Monday 15th November 2010.

    Winner will be notified by email (so don't forget) and also with a blog post!

    Competition is only available to persons living in Australia. Sorry Guys.

    Good Luck!

    miss chew

    Friday, November 12, 2010

    Today I'm Rocking... A Orange Matt Lip from Innoxa

    I recently received a beautiful array of coloured matt lipsticks from Innoxa and considering the rave reviews and my love for a bright lip I couldn't wait to have a play. Boy was I not dissapointed! The colours are bold and Matt and unlike some Matt lipsticks which can leave your lips feeling dry this range is incredibly moisturising on my lips. 

    Today I am rocking this beautiful bright orange called Sunset. This is the first time I have worn an orange lipstick before. My reason isn't that I haven't wanted to, I have been in awe of girls that pull it off I just hadn't well for one thing found a shade I liked and also when I did wear it I wanted to rock it with a tan. Now I don't know about you but the first time I popped this on at home when I was playing with the shades and I was quite pale as I naturally am it did not suit my skin tone whatsoever but today I'm all freshly tanned thanks to my Naked tan application last night and I'm ready to go! Today I am loving this orange lip sick! So keep that tip in mind next time. 

    If you are going to rock a bright lip, please, please make site you have really good condition lips underneath as it will ruin the whole effect if they are cracked. When not wearing a lipstick always carry a moisturising lip balm. I love Burt's Bees Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil which does wonders for my lips. 

    I think that all girls should have an array of shades of makeup in their collection. I always have multiple shades of foundation and different types of foundation whether it is liquid or mineral powder so I am covered whether tanned or pale which can also depend on which season and what I need it for.I will go into this in more detail at a later date.

    Here is the other lovely ladies I was lucky enough to acquire...
     They cost: Only $!4.95 Bargain!!
    You can find them: Big W, Myer, Priceline and selected Chemists. 

    Visit the website for more details www.innoxa.com.au 

    miss chew


    Please Note: These products were given to me to trial

    Thursday, November 11, 2010

    Country Music Awards- Leighton Meester

    Somebody get this girl some eyeliner STAT! 

    I don't know about you but I was a little disappointed with Leighton Meester look that she went for at the Country Music awards. For a red carpet appearance I guess and you can call me old fashioned but I expect some glamour!
    I know that when I am getting dressed to go out, if I don't have some eyeliner either lower lash line for a more dramatic look or at least some liquid liner on my upper lash line that I feel washed out and pale which is actually kind of what I think when I see this picture. 
    Now I know I don't mean to sound like a biatch but when we do see something that isn't necessarily amazing it makes us learn from this to make sure we don't do the same mistake. 
    What I do love is how her whole look from her beautiful bronzed hair to her slightly bronzed lips is all very matchy matchy which I am a really big fan of right now. 
    Sometimes when I don't want a dramatic eye I just line the outer lower lash line which just gives my lashes the right amount of definition. I can see she has got a coppery colour over and under her eyes but is it just me or is it not quite enough?

    Her skin on the other hand is utterly radiant and for this I think she should earn a round of applause! *applause* 

    What do you think?

    miss chew


    Why Powder can be your enemy!

    I recently just stumbled across this picture of the gorgeous Zooey Deschanel and I was really shocked to see yet another Hollywood star who has shown that powder can be your enemy if not used correctly. 
    Dear, dear, dear not only is this shade way to light for her which attracts away from her gorgeous face but it has aged her significantly. 
    It ages her by making her fine lines pop out rather then stay hidden, like they should be. Her pink blush is cute but I really think that by having a warmer colour powder would have not only make her appear healthier but also really brightened up her complexion. I know she is a fair skin sister but this shade is all wrong for her. 
    This is why recently I have been in love with translucent powder (I will be doing a post on this soon!) which means whilst you spend time blending in your foundation and matching it to your skin tone the powder is like well see through so it just does what it should do which is set the foundation and making your makeup last longer!

    What do you think? Have you ever been guilty of committing this sin? Have you ever tried Translucent powder?
    miss chew


    Tanning your body tips and tricks!

    I think it may seem that all I do is talk about tanning but when I caught sight of this video which Allure Magazine did (www.allure.com) I couldn't resit sharing it with you as it really shows your how to tan your body. Honestly I think you would rather watch gorgeous models putting on tan then me trying to put tan on in the shower...eeek! :) I also thought it was fitting since I finally was able to post my review of THE tanning products to have Naked Tan.
    Hope you get some great tips from this video, I know I did.
    miss chew


    INTERVIEW with Jewellery Designer from SanCerre, Sarah Wilkinson

    Recently I was lucky enough to be able to ask Jewellery Designer 29 year old Melbourne Designer Sarah Wilkinson from cult brand SanCerre a few questions to get an understanding behind her designs and also about jewellery trends.

    The brand SanCerre has been around since 2006 and is available online and at over 150 boutiques across the country.

    When did you decide you wanted to be a jewellery designer?
    I could never find what I wanted so I brought the materials and started to make jewellery myself. I was a uni student and had to come up with a way of changing my wardrobe without having to spend huge amounts of money - accessories become my answer.

    Where do you draw your inspiration for your collections?
    Travel plays a big role.  I am always inspired by the colours, textures and designs I come across, particularly in Asia. I also get motivated by accessorising my everyday outfits. I like to sample ideas on myself and see what sort of feedback I get off people. We also like to ask our customers what they want and try to cater to that too.

    What do you have in store for Sancerre?
    2010 is going to see SanCerre release a clothing line to complement our existing accessories. It is a line of mix and match pieces so each customer can create their own look, consisting mainly of basics with a twist that are designed to be layered and a few fashion pieces. We have chosen to avoid trends, so each piece will be able to be worn season after season. It encompasses a lifestyle really, proving that style and comfort are perfect partners. It will be easy to wear and care for and affordable.
    We are also going to expand our jewellery lines with a strong focus on sterling silver. Stay tuned!

    What direction do you want to take your jewellery design to? 
    I particularly love tribal (100% silver) and sterling silver as it requires little to no maintenance and just wears and wears- you put it on and don't have to worry about it. These materials are going to play a big part in upcoming lines. I also love the gift giving aspect of our jewellery. A gift can be personalised, catering to an individual's needs and taste by choosing a specific medallion or charm eg. Love, health, friendship or guardian angel, making it a gift with meaning, so there is going to be a strong focus on pieces that carry significance and are not just aesthetically pleasing.

    What are next trends that you see in the future of jewellery design, are there any particular materials you would like to work with or incorporate?
    As I mentioned previously, I would like to continue to work with Tribal and Sterling silver. I prefer natural materials for their texture and endurability, although sometimes they prove more of a challenge to work with. There are still a lot of synthetic resin products being used in the market due to their affordability and availability however, I believe there is a trend encouraging sustainability and care for the environment incorporating the use of recycled products such a computer parts, car parts and recycled paper. We are currently searching for a supply of recycled glass to incorporate into our range.
    How would you describe the current trend in jewellery?
    In Australia we seem to be dabbling on both sides of the spectrum. Big bright chunky materials/jewels on robe or chain contrasted with super fine pieces with delicate trimmings. We will always have the traditionalist especially in Melbourne who love the classic pieces from the likes of Tiffany's.

    Who do you have in mind when you are designing your jewellery?
    We like to keep the consumer in mind. We therefore focus on quality, affordability and individuality. We like our pieces to be worn with ease and versatility to suit any outfit or occasion, with age no barrier.

    What tip would you give for when girls are picking jewellery pieces to wear?

    Don't follow current trends, follow your heart. Retain your own sense of style.

    What's your favourite piece in your current collection?
    Ohhh, this is hard! I wear the Tibetan silver bracelets continuously, but as Christmas and warm weather is coming, the bright colours of the fiesta necklaces and the Wood stock silk ropes are taking pole position as they are great gifts.
    You can find out more information about the SanCerre you can visit the website here.

    miss chew


    Wednesday, November 10, 2010

    The Ultimate at home tan- NEW from Naked Tan

    If you only read one post from me, then read this!

    I have blogged often before about Fake Tanners and this is now the creme de la creme when it comes to fake tanners.

    Naked Tan have long been known for their professional spray tans.
     For those of you that are unfamiliar with professional spray tans generally when you get a spray tan done you have to wait 6-8 hours and then you wash it off. This took me a long time to get my head around (or maybe no one explained it to me properly) but the reason why this is the case is because it takes that amount of time to develop and what you are washing off is the bronzer but the actual colour has seeped into the skin.

    What is unique about Naked Tan is that there tans develop in only 2 hours! That is a HUGE difference and they are the same quality as the ones that take longer.
    What they have now launched is a range of AT HOME PRODUCTS!!
    But you know what the beautiful part is? They work the same as the professional tans!
    This product pictured- Goddess Bronze Self Tanner is the tanner, it only has the one shade but I think it would adapt to anyone. The self tanner is a cream which you apply to your whole body (after exfoliating of cause) the colour of the cream itself is certainly dark. When I apply it to my skin, it almost makes my skin look dirty, but that 's ok I just keep on rubbing it in.
    Once it is all applied I wait til my skin feels dry (yes, you know that means being nakie for a while) but then I pop light clothing on and then all I need to do is wait and go about my business. I take this time to do my nails, ya know, girlie stuff!

    Now if you are a little hesitant about putting a tanner on your face, you can mix some of tanner with your daily face moisturiser.

    What is nice about this tanner is that it is enriched with Shea Butter so it smells great with none of the yucky fake tan smell. 

    Once you have waited the 2 hours you then wash it off and it will then develop over the next 4-5 hours.

    When I awoke the next morning I was the most amazing golden brown! No orange, nasty disaster in site! See how bronzed I look in the pic below...

    Here is me on a Saturday Night when I tanned on a Thurs night and still looking all tanned!
     This couldn't be more easier to apply, not a stuff up or white patch in site.

    What is even better is that it lasts for a whole week! I think you get the strongest over the first 3 days but I was still noticing it towards the end of the week as well which makes this tanner a beyond winner in my books. 

    The reason why it lasts so well is it has 8% DHA which is the same as a professional tan. DHA is the stuff that actually tans your skin. A lot of tanners on the market are actually bronzers which wash off or the level of DHA is so little that it doesn't last on your skin.

    Please note: Because of the DHA's in the formula you need to really make sure you keep up your daily body moisturising as the DHA's really dry out your skin.  

    I have had so many people commenting on my tan and asking where I got my spray tan from, noice! Gotta love that!

    You can purchase these tanners from salons that stock naked tan.

    To find your nearest stockist you can either visit their website http://www.nakedtan.com.au/ or call 1300 365 683.

    The Price for the bottle is $26.95 which is so cheap when you think of the amazing type of tan and how well it lasts. 

    miss chew


    Please note: This product

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