Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Have you met PRIMPED?

www.PRIMPED.com.au is your go-to for how-to of beauty and today launched it's new look which really is so beautiful. 
Editor Yasemin Turker says the new look site means that "all the content is organised in a much more reader-friendly way, allowing you guys to see, search and play with all our information."

The new exciting section is the Shop Front which "is an alleyway into your favourite online shopping brands. It’s here that we have PRIMPED Exclusive offers, as well as brand specific information that you really need to know about. Be sure to check out ShopFront regularly, as we’ll will be deals galore going on in here." Now when we read a blog about a great product we can buy it straight away. This is so relevant for our generation of the instant gratification. 

 So pop on over to have a little look see and tell all your friends because these guys are really on the nose with all the latest and greatest in the world of beauty.

miss chew


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  1. Hey
    Fairly refreshing piece! I enjoyed reading your article. Many thanks


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