Thursday, September 9, 2010

My 5 fave celebrity bikini looks...

I find that as Summer gets closer and I begin to realise I need to up my fitness, celebrity bikini pics not only inspire me by creating near panic in my head but they also point me in the direction of bikini trends. 
Here are just some of the millions of great pics. 
Kim Kardashian
Miranda Kerr
Katy Perry
Lauren Conrad
Whitney Port
What I have learn from these pics:
  • Gold costume jewellery goes great with dark colours and apparently should be left on when you go in the water
  • White bikini can look good, just make sure you have a good tan (fake) going on first
  • Khaki Green is a great colour to look out for and fedora hats are great beach accessories
  • Turquoise is always a hot colour
  • Mix and match your accessories with your bikini and big sunnies are always a winner
miss chew


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