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My Journey to clear skin

A lot of women are constantly on the search for the perfect combination of skincare products that will fix all their skin issues. The problem most women face is that it's a never ending journey; this is where seeking the advice from a trained professional comes in. 
Having had adult acne this past year, a lot of time has been spent getting rid of this skin condition and what were left were these little bumps which weren't exactly pimples that would not go away.
My Skin-April this year
Dee from the Clear Skin Clinic in Double Bay was to explain to me that these little bumps across our skin are very common and is caused by blocked pores. The cause of the blocked pores is the fat that is in a lot of commonly used beauty products. 
Dee performs a treatment which she calls the "Steam and Squeeze" which has a very simple philosophy behind it.
First your skin is thoroughly is cleansed and then she takes a really good look at your skin under a bright light and to find out what is going on. After a light exfoliation is completed a mask is applied to your skin and then you are placed under a steamer. When your pores are nice and open, this is where her work truly begins. All those blocked pores she has identified are then manually unplugged using her fingers covered in tissues. It is not a relaxing experience but a rewarding one. With pores that are very deep they are lanceted which is like a pin prick and then squeezed.
Once the squeezing is all done a chemical peel which is tailored to your skin type is then applied to your skin. After all the squeezing, the peel definitely stings but that doesn't last long as your skin begins to calm down. As the peel is wiped off a deeply moisturising cream which is water based and doesn't contain fats is then applied to your skin and you are done. 
Dee likes to tailor your new skin care regime which she calls your prescription of a cleanser, toner and moisturiser which will enhance the work that she has done. 
My products recommended are Environ Interactive Cleansing Gel $35, Environ Alpha Toner Forte $67 and Dr Spiller Biocosmetic Collagen Face Cream $114 which I have blogged about before. 
Cleansing Gel
The cleanser is applied morning and night. The toner is only applied once a day and all you do is put about 4-5 drops (such a tiny amount) into the palm of one hand then with the fingers of the other hand you dab the toner ONLY onto the affected areas as this stuff boy is strong! But the good thing is I will have this bottle for ages! I am finding that I am needing less and less after each session of seeing Dee. You do need to be careful with the other parts of your face as it will really dry it out. 
In regards to the Moisturiser you can read my blog on that here. I absolutely love it! My new fave, that's for sure!
I must admit when I first took a look in the mirror straight after she was done the first time, it wasn't pretty there were red marks all over my face and it was rather angry at me, so I wouldn't recommend doing this on a say when you have to go somewhere after. But the second day majority of those little bumps were gone and my skin looked visibly clearer! The second treatment was a week after and my skin looked my calmer and my makeup was going on much better. My last treatment was 2 weeks later and I cannot stop the comments I have been getting about my skin from my friends and co-workers. Loves it!!
After my treatments

It has been such a great boost of confidence and it makes me think, why oh why didn't I want to do something more proactive about my skin earlier? Did I not realise what could be done? Maybe you are like me as well, if your reading this and it rings bells, my advice to you is do something about it!!!
You do not have to put up with crap skin!!
My skin has never looked better so many people have said and I definitely agree. By Summer I was told I wouldn't need to wear makeup, a statement which, when I heard when I first met Dee I never believed. The work she does is so amazing because she is so passionate about what she does. Her greatest joy in life is getting people clear beautiful skin and educating people on whats right for you. 
I am easily wearing less makeup during the week and virtually no makeup on the weekends, something I never thought I would do, and let me tell you I really am finally feeling more confident in my own skin. 

Details: Steam and Squeeze costs $90 a session- with the difference she makes, it is beyond worth it!
Products: You can buy off Dee or buy online at 

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  1. Hi miss chew, ive been looking into doing something about my skin which has a lot of congestion and makes me feel a little bit ick! Do you think that your skin made a huge improvment for the long term after these treatments? Are you still having them done? Oddly, id like an update on your face :)

  2. The journey to clear skin is shared on the post here. Read all about it


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