Friday, September 3, 2010

Dreaming of Summer

Spring has just begun which means Summer is just around the corner... Yay!!! Unfortunately the weather for the last 2 days has been miserable (not cold) but miserable, so I am dreaming of when it will be much, much nicer! All around the city there has been advertisement of Seafollys Summer campaign and they are making me have massive body/tan/swimsuit/beach hair envy!
What it comes down to though is they are all amazing! I love that they really are designed for women of all shapes. Me being of the large boobs, hips and some tummy variety find them very flattering!
The top black one for me is a standout! I love that being black as well as it's cut that it hides everyone of my flaws! I can just see myself now chucking on a pair of jeans shorts or a sarong and away I go!
God I can't freaking wait!
Bring it on I say!!

This is my fave as I think its the most flattering!

miss chew 


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