Thursday, September 16, 2010

Smelling like Summer...

Cocoa Butter- $7.50
I am all about smelling so yummy I am good enough to eat, well almost! I have this thing about having all parts of me smelling delicious and this Palmers cocoa butter has been high on my rotation of products for what seems like a million years. 
I am sure so many of you have tried this before. I find the cream a great consistency that really keeps my skin hydrated and oh the smell, if I could run away to a tropical island and marry it, I would! Well you get the idea. 
My skin is quite sensitive too and I do not have a single problem with this cream other then needing to buy so many bottles and I really love to use it to help maintain my fake tan as it can counteract the fake tan smell you get sometimes. 
It's cheap as chippies too, and can be found everywhere. I got mine from good old Priceline.
Right now Palmers are doing their good samaritan bit and have made a special breast cancer foundation bottle and 30c of everyone sold will be donated to the foundation. (Good one!)

I really think this is a bandwagon that if you haven't already jumped on you should definietly do it and right now it's all for a good cause!

And we should all smell great!
My lovely bottle
 miss chew


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