Monday, September 6, 2010

It's all about the nails....

I have a confession to make... I have acrylic nails. I know as a beauty lover it's rather frowned upon but I do. For me I am really bad with the upkeep of filling nails and I hate, read HATE when I paint my nails, only for them to chip the next day. So for me this is a total lazy girl thing!
The problem I face is what colour to paint them as I have to look at it and like it for 3 weeks!!
At the moment they are black which is a easy choice and one I have fallen back on many times. Right now I am looking for inspiration for my next choice. 
Insert the nail bloggers...
I love that there are blogs out there specifically designed to give you the info on all the latest trends, colours, shapes, you name it!
I thought I would share my favourite Top 5 nail blogs I love!

1. Let's Go Sparkling- why I love this site is I am actually considering doing a sparkly nail polish as I have read about how textured nail polish is a huge trend right now. 

2. Nail Juice- Gives honest reviews about all colours 

3. Fab Your Nails- Holy moly have you seen these designs??

4. The Nail File- If you love her blog as much as I do at StuffthatIBought you will love her nail file blog too!!

5. The Daily Nail- is by far my favourite as the most interesting site. This amazing lady has undertaken the task to do a new nail polish design every day for a year! What a effort. I can barely think of something every 3 weeks!! 

So at the end of all that I am now tossing up between black with sparkles or a turquoise colour... thoughts?

Courtesy of the Nail Juice

miss chew 


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