Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Scrub a dub dub...

Skin Prep Scrub- $51

Everyone should have a good exfoliator in their bathroom, there I said it! I guess for some people leading the stressful lives that they do, fitting in yet another beauty product is hard, here are my top reasons why you should make the time. 

1. It sloughs away all the dead skin cells your body has gotten rid of leaving glowing radiant skin

2. It encourages great cell turnover which in turn is greater skin regeneration.

 3. It unclogs your pours- which if you have read my other article is the downside of many of the beauty products we use which clog the pours in our skin, which prevents breakouts from occurring, yay!

4. Makes my moisturiser work twice as hard- by cleaning the skin of debris it means my moisturiser can seep deep into my skin making it so much more effective.

My fave that I am using at the moment is Dermalogica Skin Prep Scrub. This scrub uses natural corn cob meal that does wonders for my skins complexion and helps to maintain my skin in between facials as well. It also contains herbal extracts such as mallow, ivy and aloe vera which help to soothe and help to prevent over stimulation of my skin, extracts of arnica and cucumber help keep my skin as smooth as a babies bottom and refreshed.

To use: Once I have cleansed my skin in the shower I use a small amount and GENTLY using circular motions, work the product into my skin. Working gently is what my beautician Dee says is the most important factor. This product has tiny little granules and using elbow grease and really scrubbing is only going to harm your skin. 

How frequently to use?: I use this twice a week to maintain the beautiful glow in my skin

Where can I buy it?: My fave place is Adore beauty online at www.adorebeauty.com.au 

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