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GUEST POST-How to look after your hair holiday style!

Yesterday was my first holiday guest post all about nail care and what nail polishes to bring for a tropical holiday from Elise from The Nail File which you can view here.

Today I bring you a very essential holiday post all about hair care. I thought, hmm who best to ask about hairdo's to do when I am away and what I should keep in mind for hair care and naturally I thought of Christina from amazing Hair Romance. Since I have just dyed and bleached my hair it is exceptionally important, ok enough from me and onto Christina...

So Miss Chew is off on a tropical getaway while I’m stuck in Sydney shivering. Fair? Not really but I’m not bitter. I want her to look gorgeous on her holiday, especially as she has worked so hard all to year to be in such fabulous shape. She definitely deserves a break.
So Miss Chew (and those of you somewhere warm or going on holidays), take my advice.
The most important thing to do on holidays is to have fun and relax. You still want to look good but with a minimum of fuss so here are a few tips to improve your chances of having a hot holiday romance.

   1. Embrace your natural hair – don’t fight it. Humidity happens. Relax. Go with the wave and see where it takes you. Holidays are great time to experiment with new hair dos.
   2. Rinse your hair after swimming in the pool. No need to wash it but just a rinse in cool water will save your hair from the chlorine. Blondes know the green danger pools present to our hair, but chlorine is drying for all hair types and can damage your hair.
   3. Use mini travel size bottle for your favourite hair products. This saves on space but it also means you can carry it in your hand luggage. I once checked in hair products in my suitcase only to arrive to find my hair serum exploded and covered everything. Learn from my mistake and transfer a small amount into a travel pot for your hand luggage.

What to pack?

   1. Hair Pins – I can do anything with 5 bobby pins, and so can you with my new ebook – 30 Days of Twist & Pin Hairstyles (ok, got the plug in, now back to the hair!)
   2. Leave in conditioner is a brilliant invention. If you have wavy, curly or frizzy hair you should always have this in your beach bag. A spritz on your hair after a swim means you can cut out the middleman and go straight from the pool to the bar.
   3. Invest in a good hat. Don’t follow the trends, pick one that suits your face. A good hat is the quickest hair fix on earth.

Easy holiday hairstyles
   1. Braids. I know we’ve seen this look for a while but it’s perfect for hiding that fuzzy fringe when you can’t get to your straightener. I love a French braid that follows your hairline but only braid in sections from the front. Then pin all your hair into a loose, low ponytail or chignon on the side.
   2. Ponytails. Don’t just bunch all your hair in the middle – try a high slicked pony or a low side pony. Grab a small section from the bottom of your ponytail and wrap it around your hair elastic to cover it and pin underneath for a fashionable finish.
   3. Do nothing! You’re on holidays! Enjoy yourself. Give your hair a break too. We style our hair so much we forget what its natural finish is. Go wild, you might just like it.

And now some drool worthy pics...

Good lord it's like hair porn, isn't she amazing?

So I am armed with enough pins to poke someones eye out and a great leave in conditioner and a great hat! She really inspires me to want to try different hairdos. 

What's your best tip for hot holiday hair?

miss chew



  1. Cool post!! I always fret about my holiday hair it goes wavy and I hate it but looking back on my Bali honeymoon pics I loved it!! You are right , let go & embrace it!

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  3. Wow! But what are the steps for styling your hair in the second picture?

  4. Wow these are lovely styles for hair! Nice one.


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