Thursday, June 16, 2011

VIDEO BLOG- What skincare I am packing for my trip

So here we have it here is the last post before I leave for Thailand today YIPPEEEEE!!
So I thought I would do another Video Blog as I have only done one and that was agggeees ago, sorry about that. So I thought it would be fitting to see what a beauty blogger packs skincare wise when going on a tropical holiday. I know it seems like a lot but I have compacted all the big bottles into smaller travel sizes- this is such a must for travelling!

If there are any products specifically you want me to talk more about please let me know or just search for them as I have blogged about most. 

Can't believe this day is finally here!!!

I will be upon my returning doing many haul posts, posting pics of my holiday and all, you will love it!

Stay safe everyne, 

miss chew



  1. I love your new video!! I have that kiehl's serum but i haven't tried it yet. it's next on my list thanks to your vid :D

  2. That was a another great video from you, you gave me an idea that i need to do some changes with the skin care product that im using at the moment.

    Aden Johns


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miss chew

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