Friday, June 3, 2011

Keep your cuticles in top shape this Winter

After having acrylic nails on and off for years I just assumed as soon as the nail would grow out that would be that and then I would have my great nails back, oh I was so wrong. For ages I couldn't understand why my nails kept peeling at the ends, why would nail polish only last 1 day?
I received a manicure and was speaking to the manicurist about the condition of my nails when she asked me if I use a cuticle oil (no, I replied sheepishly). Well I was soon to learn that something so simple could be responsible for having beautiful healthy nails. 

I was recommended the OPI Avoplex cuticle oil to go-$26.95 which is a fantastic small tube which I actually keep in my car as I am on the road all day, every day. Sitting in my car stuck in traffic is something I am well familiar to so to kill time I nourish my cuticles and whole nail bed, yes even when I have nail polish on top and I haven't looked back. 

When you use this product it smells very strong like apples which is very odd, but I like it. You get a small amount out and massage it all in and repeat as often as you remember. 

This product was voted *Winner of Best Nail Care Product in the 2009 Australian Beauty Awards!* -so I know it is good and quite commonly thought of as being amazing as well!

It has a avocado lipid complex which is what makes it so amazing, to me it doesn't matter so much as long as this works. 

I bought this from David Jones but you can also buy online from

Trust me your cuticles and nails will thank me!

Do you use a cuticle oil?

miss chew


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  1. thank you so much for sharing. I have always had great nails and for the past few months I have been having similar problems. I shall try the cuticle oil :)


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