Tuesday, June 7, 2011

CFDA Fashion Awards-Miranda Kerr looking mighty fine!!

Until today I had not heard of the CFDA which stands for the Council of Fashion Designers of America and each year they throw a big party to honour outstanding contributions. For me it was just a chance to have a perve on the fashion and the beauty in particular Mirander Kerr sent my heart a flutter. 

Mirander Kerr wore a Michael Kors risque gown which really accentuated her figure, man childbirth has been good to that woman!
What I love about this look well it is many things, first of all it is her natural sun kissed beauty which is shining through. She does not (appear to) have caked on heavy makeup and her eye makeup is natural. She pulls of the sleeked back hair which I know I am yet to feel comfortable enough to pull off. 

My goodness those legs and that body, definitely inspiration for me as I try lose these last kilos before I go to Thailand next week. 

All in all a smashing look, when you are going to have a statement outfit such as this it is a great idea to tone down the rest of your look to let that feature shine though.

Love, love!!

What do you think?

Did you see Lady Gaga, I really do not get that woman!

miss chew


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  1. She always looks stunning. I love the dress and she doesn't look at all sleep deprived like new mums should! Lol.


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