Monday, June 6, 2011

Kiehl's Cult Moisturiser Creme De Corps

Now that we are well into Winter here in Oz this means we really need to up our game when it comes to keeping our skin lovely and hydrated. In Summer who are we kidding, its easy peasy. 
When I get out of the shower whilst my skin is still damp I love to slather on a thick layer (well at night it's thick) of mosituriser and let it take its time to work it's way into my skin, it makes me feel amazing.

Kiehl's is a brand I had known of for donkeys years yet never actually tried myself until recently. I guess it is because I had not come into the city often to do my beauty shopping and it is rather an exclusive brand and to be honest a little expensive- until now. 

Recently I blogged about the fantastic price drop that Kiehl's recently embarked on making their products so much more affordable and accessible by the general population. 

I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to take home a bottle of legendary Kiehls's Creme de Corps which was $89 now $68, now  know this may still seem expensive but the bottle is 500ml, I have been using it like its going out of style and I have barely made an indent in my bottle.

When you apply this moisturiser it doesn't have a smell and is really quickly absorbed. I can really understand why this moisturiser gets the hype that it does, it makes me feel absolutely amazing to apply something so thick and creamy without leaving a oily residue which some creams can do. 
With ingredients such as sesame see oil, shea butter, olive fuit oil, almond oil, cocoa seed butter, avocado oil just to name a small collection in the vast array of yumminess in this bottle you can understand why. They say in just 10 days you will notice a massive difference, well let me tell you after use one, I was in love!

I love that the larger size comes in a pump bottle making it so simple to apply. I always pay special attention to my knees and elbows which can particularily get dry as well. 

I know we generally spend more money on face products but in Winter I think special attention should be paid to our peripheries and this mosituriser is definitely worth a go, trust me like everyone else that has ever used it, you too shall be hooked. 

You can find Kiehl's: at their flagship stores in Myer or David Jones or their own shops in Sydney and Melbourne. 

Have you tried this cult cream?

miss chew


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