Tuesday, June 14, 2011

MyCurl, my curls my way

I don't know if you noticed or were wondering but in my blog I posted about my hair makeover, oh you missed it? You can catch up here. I was sporting some wicked curls and how they were made possible was using the MyCurl. The MyCurl is a nifty little invention designed for girls who aren't the best at curling their hair... umm hello that is me!
These are quite small like a handwidth and the black part is quite solid with the reds like thick rubber bands. You place this in your hair horizontal where you want the curls to start...
Excuse the no makeup/ weird expression on my face...

And closer...
To give me bigger curls we only used 2 curlers as the more you use the smaller the curls.
Once they are into position you grab your GHD or whatever straightening device you use and clamp onto the hair which secures the curls into place and voila, curly hair!

In the pouch you are given you receive 8 MyCurls and they have videos and instructions as well. 
Note the curls, we didn't keep them in for long so I could have soft, brushed out curls
To find out more information about the My Curl you can visit their website here or call 1800 882 174. 
To buy one yourself will set you back $89 which I think it pretty good considering all the uses you get out of them and also how quick you can curl your hair. 
Have you tried the MyCurl? Would you consider trying this option?
miss chew

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