Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Heal and Protect your Skin with Danne Montague King

A couple of months ago I began a Danne Montague King journey, now not quite as full on as Kimmy from The Plastic Diaries which you can read all about here but it was my own journey. Isn't it funny that something so life changing can just happen out of nowhere especially when it is not even planned, that was how I stumbled across Kaye Owen. Kaye Owen is an amazing woman and therapist who I literally do anything she says when it comes to skin care as she knows it all. The only products she works with and will ever work with at this stage is Danne Montague King. For years I have been intrigued by this brand as it really is all about the treatments and not on the fancy packaging and I had only ever heard very amazing things said about this range. You can only find them from therapists as they need to be prescribed to you, but this is not what this blog is about. 

I will do a separate post on my full journey as it is going to take me ages to compose as the journey is very involved. 

Today I just want to talk to you about one product that I have been using since which is the Danne Montague-King Beta Gel-$132. This is also called a bettaglucan serum and is really a standout product for me. I feel like every day as a blogger I learn more and still find more amazing products to add in or swap for in my skincare routine which makes me love skin care that little bit more. 

This serum is what they call "immuno-boosting" when you have skin conditions such as acne for me or ageing skin you have damage to the skin, what you need to do is help boost your skin to repair the damage. I feel like so many of the products I use for my congestion are about clearing my skin but not repairing the damage that is done. 

This wonder product contain vitamin B and C and I mentioned recently that to even complexion and especially to get rid of dark circles or "troughs" as they are called then you need Vitamin C! It also contains a wonder ingredient beta-glucan B6 yeast wall extract to give your skin maximum recovery. Because of all these wonderful "active" ingredients when you check the glass bottle to see how long til it expires it says 3M which means 3 months, if you use it everyday like I have been then yes it lasts 3 months.

I apply this serum after cleansing on clean skin and gently rub all over my face and it feels lovely, the consistency is clear gel and has no smell, it is really quickly and easily absorbed and does not leave my skin feeling dry at all- yay!

I think you should try this if you have ageing skin or acne prone skin or recently had acne prone skin, actually I think you should all give it a go. 

What I have noticed is when I do get spots they now clear up so much faster and def don't leave the kinds of marks they used to so I really love it and think it is worth the price but then again I give more cudos to skincare then I do pretty much all else, I am detirmined to have clear skin!

You can find DMK: From selected paramedical clinics or visit their website here

So what do you think, have you tried DMK before?

Would you try this serum?

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  1. Hi, My soon to be Wife has been sold the story of DMK from a consultation, she thinks it is the answer to her acne (she is 28, and has had on and off acne for about 15 years) she is on a different birth control pill that we think is helping balance out the hormones, but she feels the need to spend the £2000 on this, i think she has bought into a sales speech, yet i am finding it hard to find bad press about it, what has your reads said about these products and what can you say? thanks, Nick UK

    1. £2k seems alot for skincare & no guarantee that it actually works. i suggest your fiance sees a dermatologist who can prescribe products or medication (like vitamin a or pure retinol type product or even roacutane) if acne is really bad. advice is from a skin doctor not a beauty therapist/ saleswoman. save yourself some £££ and get a professional opinion first. my husband had severe acne in his 20's and was on roacutane (this does have side effects like all medication!). then he got medical grade dermabrasion & had to keep out of the sun for 2 years as skin is very sensitive after. also very gross & painful procedure. doctors very rarely recommend these beauty treatments, most recommend gentle cleansers like cetaphil which is cheap & u can get from pharmacies like boots in the uk.

  2. If one of your goals is to slow down or reverse the aging process then you should definitely check out the DMK Facial in Dubai
    . The DMK facial is not your normal average facial but it is an enzyme treatment therapy which is designed to make the skin more vibrant and healthier by rebuilding its core strength. It enables the skin to function as it did when it was younger.


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