Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Review of Omnilux...and then there was light.... therapy!

When I was going through a time earlier in the year when my skin was going through a rough patch I was invited to get a series of treatments by the lovely girls at True Solutions. 

When I arrived I met with Gwen who really knows her skin. She explained to me that she was going to do a chemical peel and then I was going get Omnilux light therapy session on my face.

I feel like light therapy for women under say 35 years gets a bad wrap as being completely unnecessary, this is totally untrue.

What you will learn is there are different types of light. When it comes to Omnilux there are either a Blue light or a Red light.

The Red light (Revive) works best for slightly older skins as it stimulates the production of Collagen to help re-plump the skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and helps with pigmentation. This is the kind of light I will start using in a few years.

The Blue light (called Blue) is what I used as it really helps to get rid of acne. It does this by the light actually killing the bacteria in the acne lesions on your face. When you have acne your face is actually infected so by killing the bacteria you are getting rid of the acne. This was the one for me!

Once my peel, it's time for the Omnilux- a little strip of paper is placed over your eyes so you are not staring into the light and the Omnilux machine (shown above) is positioned very close to your face (maybe a few cm's away) and then you are left under the warmth. What is great about this treatment is there is no pain, just feels like you are relaxing in the sun. Whilst my face was being treated my lovely therapist gave me a leg and arm massage (ummm...hello heaven?). Then that is it!

I had a good look at my skin after I was finished and I was surprised at how calm my acne looked, the intense angry redness that comes with acne had settled a lot and my skin was glowing! I loved it and instantly wanted more!!

How much does it cost?: Generally about a $99 a go and that usually includes a peel.

To get the best results: It's best to get a series of treatments (they usually do packs of 10 at a discounted rate)

Where can I get it?: There are a lot of places that do it and you can check on the spa universe website to find your closest location.

miss chew



  1. Sounds great! Where did you go to get yours done. I find a mix of experiences/prices.....!

  2. Hi Madison,
    I did mine through True Solutions but I know a few people that have gone through Elle Rouge Salons as they are everywhere and they usually change $99 a go.
    So worth giving it a try!
    miss c

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