Thursday, October 14, 2010

The look I can't wait to recreate this weekend!

This weekend is my boyfriends birthday so it's more excuse then ever to make sure I am looking good when we have a few drinks this weekend.
I have been tossing up what kind of look I want to go for (I'm a bit beauty obsessed, and an over planner... can't be helped) and when I came across this picture of Hillary Duff on at her recent book launch I was in love!

This is also probably my favourite version of balayage I have seen. It is perfect, not too contrasted and blends in perfectly.This in itself is something I have been tossing up getting for a while, but that's another story.

Anyway what I am loving is her beautiful eye makeup.
I have tried to get a close up below but it has gone a little fuzzy so I apologise.
What she has done is line the entire inner eye with black eyeliner which really makes her eyes pop and covered the eye in a brownish, grey colour which she has taken out further at the sides and all the way up to the crease in her eye.
One problem I have been having when trying to do a good smokey eye in the past is knowing how to line the upper part of my eye and not lose the effect of the smokey eye or become too much. How I over came this is once I have applied the eyeshadow I will take my liquid liner and only line the outer half of my eye and make it thicker to the edge and then wing out like I normally do. When I line the entire upper lid it looks too full on.

I love how she has gone for a smudgy eye shadow of the same colour and black under the eye as well and this has been taken to the outer corner to enhance the smokey eye.

Why I love this look: I usually do the same makeup when I go out which is a nude eye with thick winged liquid eyeliner and either a nude or bright lip with bronzed and pink cheeks. (I'll pop pics up to demonstrate at some point). So this for me is branching out and trying something different and the messy, texturised hair with a slight curl is just amazing.

I may need some tips on the hair front, I am rather hopeless when it comes to do anything with my hair but as I learn I plan to show you with pictures so we can learn together.

Once I have done this eye makeup I will provide pictures. To help demonstrate how to do this yourself. 

What look at you hanging out to try?

miss chew


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