Friday, October 15, 2010

Maxfactor Liptick- Maximum Colour!

Image from Ellevictoire
I love a bright lippie, especially when I am not really wearing any makeup today as I am going to be wearing full makeup tonight so I like to let my skin breathe. 

This is my absolute favourite, its by Maxfactor called Bewitching Coral- approx $20 The colour is a great combination between a bright pink with a hint of coral and is right on trend for lipstick colours right now. It really packs a punch!

It is a matte lipstick yet it is so hydrating for my lips. This lipstick has really great staying power as well- great for a night out.

Usually when I applied bright lipstick I will either do one of 2 techniques. Either I will be a good girl and line my lips with a lipstick liner then apply my lipstick or (which I did today) I out some of the lipstick onto my finger (clean finger, gosh!) and rub it into my lips gradually building up to the level of colour I want. I find this way the colour last longer and doesn't come off. I do this especially if I am with my boyfriend (I know men hate the thought of getting lipstick on them) this way it won't kiss off!

'scuse the poor quality pic, taken at my desk- see no makeup!
I faked tanned last night too, not that you can tell from this pic...whitey, mcwhitey...

Where to find: Myer, Target, Kmart, Big W, Priceline and selected pharmacy outlets.

Loves it!

miss chew


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