Thursday, October 21, 2010

Short & Sweet- Eyeliner Technique

So when I was doing my makeup this morning I happened to stumble across a slightly different way of doing liquid eyeliner.

What I have been doing lately and I believe I have mentioned it in a blog is doing a more subtle version of liquid eyeliner by only lining the outer half of my eye. 
I start in the middle drawing along my lash line then I draw it thicker as I get towards the edge. 
What I did today (now try stay with me on this on) is the top lash line I draw outwards past my lash line like I normally do (1) then the lower lash line from that corner I drew up towards where I had taken the top lash line out (2) so it almost made a triangle then I filled that little gap in. 

What it gave me was a thicker more defined winged eyeliner which I think is much more of a stand out eye

Here is a pic with my eye opened today so you can get a different view. Hope this makes sense.

miss chew


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