Friday, October 29, 2010

Matching Lipstick to your Hair colour? Sweet!

Since I am rocking the purple and bandana look today and since I actually have a tan today also I thought why not go all matchy matchy with a lippie too. 

I tried out the L'oreal range of Made for Me Intense a little while ago and I love it! This shade is called Sparkling Amethyst- 25.95 and is made for Brunettes like Moi!

The colour doesn't come out as intense as the pic of the actual lipstick you can see in the pic of my lippies below it is actually a bit pink with some purple. I never thought I would have been able to pull off a purple lippie but these guys at L'Oreal know their stuff and they know what will work with my hair colour. 

The actual lippie is very moisturising and the colour holds up well throughout the day, although I like to top it up as I like it bold, no point not making an impact and it really suits my outfit! 

I am really keen to find out what other kinds of lippie they think will suit me? Should totes check them out!

miss chew


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