Friday, October 8, 2010

A quick tanning question asked to Miss Zoe Foster....

I don't know if you guys had seen it but recently the gorgeous Miss Zoe Foster appeared on "The Circle" talking about fake tanners. I IQ'd it on my TV as anything this woman says really is worth its weight in gold. You can view her segment here.

I really got some great tips off watching that segment. One tip that Zoe swore by was "Chux magic wipes are the BESTEST way to remove gnarly orange tan streaks". Not something that I would have thought of but I am all for time saving/cheap/do-it-at-home methods of tan care.

I also on twitter asked Zoe (my new best mate) on what she recommended for a facial tanner as my normal ones never seem to cut it when it comes to my face and often seem to harsh for my skin. Her reply was: "Elle Bache does a great tanner for face. So too Palmer's."

So quicker than you can say "fake tan" I was looking up exactly what prodz she was referring to and finding out all the deets. 

The Ella Bache product is called "Great face tan, without the sun" $37, this is specifically designed to be a face tanner and has light reflecting bronzer to give you an instant radiant glow- noice! Ella Bache also say "It does not streak, dehydrate the skin, or turn orange. It contains two highly effective moisturisers, shea butter and honey-moist, which leave skin soft, hydrated and supple. It also features a complex of vitamin E and green tea extracts which support the skin's defence mechanisms by protecting skin against damage from environmental pollutants and other oxidative stresses". Sounds pretty damn good to me. 

The Palmers product is Cocoa Butter Formula Natural Bronze for Face $9.95. This little baby is a gradual tanner if you are like me and are white as a ghost and haven't seen the sun in many a year...What is great about this bad boy is it has cocoa butter and vitamin E to moisturise your face and will build to a good tan. This prod also contains SPF15 so it's a multi-tasker, I love multi-taskers!!

These are both top priortity on my list of prodz to try and I will let you know if they live up to the hype. 

Lastly the great tip from Zoe to use them: 'Wear on freshly cleansed skin and don't moisturise for an hour" -there's something new you learn everyday....

Such wise words

miss chew


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