Tuesday, October 19, 2010

EYE spy with my little eye...some amazing eyecream, that's what!

Here I go again jumping on my Clinique bandwagon going on and on about how great their products are... but they are good, really!

This is another one of those tried and tested products that without fail will never cease to disappoint me. You know those products you know and love that when a current products runs out and you are thinking hmmm what eye cream will I buy next? You know that this is a winner!

This is where the Clinique All About Eyes- $58 comes into play. Now there are 2 versions of this cream the normal version and the Rich which is pictured here. Now I mean rich cause it's thick in consistency not cause it's for the wealthy folk duh... 
By having 2 versions I find it is suitable to me year round. I use the normal version in Summer when hydrating my skin is not an issue and the Rich one in Winter when my poor skin is feeling dry and unloved. 

It really does feel amazing around your eyes. It isn't scented which I really appreciate and it very gentle. You really only need a tiny amount for each eye. When I am applying eye cream I make sure I am very gentle around the eye and pat the cream in- DO NOT rub your eye area. For more tips about applying eye cream you can view my blog here and here.

Ok have you read those tips? Great... moving along...

This cream works really well at getting rid of those pesky dark circles and puffiness. I actually feel like the skin under my eye which when I am run can feel really thin, I find with this cream actually feels more plump which makes my eye makeup look better and makes me look healthier. 

I always use my eye cream morning and night as you guys should as well. As well as using it directly under my eye and on my eye lid I also extend it to the outer corner around my eye and that area as I feel that as this is where crows feet will appear, that I should be nourishing and protecting this area whilst I can to prevent the damage occurring.

I usually buy Clinique from Myer or David Jones but you can also buy online from shops like strawberrynet where it is much cheaper. 

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  1. love love love this eye cream!!!


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