Monday, October 18, 2010

Doing my bit to help Breast Cancer Research

This month guys is Breast Cancer Awareness month and what's great about that is all these wonderful brands are doing their bit to raise money. 
I love my Clinique products and this "Dramatically Different Moisturiser" has been in rotation of my beauty products for years". There are different versions to meet your skin care needs. I have tried both the lotion and the gel version and they both leave my skin feeling great and hydrated. What they are really, really great for is if you have sensitive skin. They contain no fragrances and are dermatology tested. 
I find that it's best to focus on one particularly potent product. For example a great serum that packs a punch or a moisturiser filled with lots of goodies. When you start loading up on lots of products that do all wonders of things that's when my skin freaks out. 
This lotion is gentle on your skin and you can now get this mammoth 200ml version for $110 and $20 from each bottle sold will go towards Breast Cancer Research! Aren't they nice!
I highly recommend you get one of these cute limited edition bottles this month whilst you can as it's one product that is never going out of style!

miss chew


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