Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What to do with your makeup and hair post lunchbreak gym visit?

Whilst being a very big fan of Primped's Miss Zoe Foster I try and get as much advice off her as frequently as I can. On Twitter she often will answer a twuestion and here was mine:  

After a gym session in my lunch break what do you recommend for the best beauty skin care routine?
I often find this is an area I struggle with as I never have much time and I don't want to lug around everything I own, I'm no pack mule.... Anyway this was her response...

"Here’s what I reckon. And yes, I’m throwing in hair and makeup too. Don’t hate me because I’m generous.
I will assume you have showered after your rope climbing class, which indicates your face will have been cleansed. Take facial wipes instead of cleanser - faster! easier! - and avoid removing your eye makeup if you can: this will give you a ‘made up’ look when you race back into work and save you re-applying it all.
Skip the holy trinity of serum, face cream and sun screen and instead multitask your ass off with a hydrating tinted moisturiser with sunscreen.

Add some foundation if you want more coverage, or powder over the top if you get shine.
If your face gets VERY RED after exercise and stays that way for thousands of hours like mine does, pack a green-based primer or corrector in your gym bag - this will balance out the red and give you a much, much more neutral base than if you just use tinted moisturiser/foundation. Biotherm does a great corrective makeup base called White Detox Biotanic Lyzer Corrective Makeup Base SPF 25 Anti-Redness Effect, which as the name suggests is both anti-redness and has a high SPF. 

Next, conceal under the eyes and around the nose, both areas which are bound to be redder than usual from all those blood vessels just beaming with happy, oxygenated, exercisey blood.
Steer clear of blush, but maybe dust on a little bronzer so that when your hot little mug calms down you have some contouring and vitality still hanging around. Go very easy and just skim the hairline, cheekbones and jawline. I am besotted with Becca’s new mineral bronzer at the moment, which is very lightweight and sinks beautifully into the skin, but if you want a really light bronzer, try Clinique’s Almost Bronzer. 
If you read that bit up a few sentences about not removing your eye makeup as you wipe off your makeup post-workout, then your eyes should still be done. If you took it all off - or started off without any - put on two coats of mascara. As Plato once said: “When the face is red and the hair is grimy, make sure your lashes are coated and shiny.”
Nude gloss is best - wearing a brightly coloured lipstick with a flushed face ain’t great. (Wait til your skin has calmed down then pop the colour back on.)
Hair? Well, provided you bobby pinned back the front parts and lifted the bulk up into a high, looseish pony (too tight will create more dents and more sweat), your hair shouldn’t be too bad. Flip your mop upside down and spray a generous amount of dry shampoo (like Tigi’s Rockaholic Dirty Secret dry shampoo, $32.95) through and leave for 30 seconds to sink in and soak up all the sweat. If you have access to a blow dryer, awesome - blast that baby back into shape. If you don’t, and it’s all a bit hard, pull it up into a chic top knot or pony. 
Now spray on some perfume, grab your stinky gym bag and get back to work, you fit, beautiful son of a bitch."

Well that was a mouthful and totally and utterly helpful. You can see the full post here.
-I give full credit to Zoe Foster at Primped for this, I only asked the Twitter question and these images are courtesy of Primped. 

I know I really want to get my mits on everything, in particularly the Biotherm white detox to reduce my reddness as man, I go like red, red! 

What is your after Gym routine?

miss chew


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