Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A cheap and amazing Shampoo and Conditioner, Yay!!

Thank goodness for Schwarzkopf Extra Care Deep Nutrition Shea Cashmere Shampoo and Conditioner- $6.99.
Well to start off with the price point is great and really affordable. This shampoo and conditioner is readily available as well. The second thing is that they both smell AMAZING!!! If you read my blog on the review of David Babaii Shampoo you would know that the smell of shampoo really can be a deal breaker for me. The Shea butter smells like coconut and well again I use that word... Summer....
This shampoo and conditioner are riched with Shea butter which I absolutely love, I find it really nourishing and makes my hair so silky and soft.

There use a Cell repair system that uses hair-identical proteins to repair inside the cell of the hair follicle, nourishing it from the inside out.

They also make my hair nice and shiny and healthy looking which with my long hair I really need.

The only complaint I guess I would have is that when I apply the conditioner I don't get that same really nourishing feel at first when I rub it into my hair but once I have let it soak for a few minutes then I do notice the difference. When I dry my hair it feels stronger which I have noticed from other shampoos.

So after using this product I would definitley recommend it to anyone needing a really nourishing clean.

miss chew


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