Monday, June 13, 2011

Balayage Baby! I jumped the bandwagon!

So the time finally came for me to have my hair makeover, I know I have been banging on about it for weeks and yet I was still so confused as to what to do. I decided to leave it to the professional and see what they had to say. 
I decided to book in to see hair dresser Colin Bond who is now a Personal Hairdresser which means he comes to me...  

"A reputation for creating beautiful hair: For the past six years, Colin Bond has travelled extensively as a personal hairdresser. He's worked for world-renowned hair companies, numerous fashion magazines and as a session stylist on TV commercials. Born and bred in east London, Colin finished his hair studies at the London College of Fashion and mastered his cutting skills with Daniel Galvin. He's spent many years as an educator at Toni & Guy in both Australia and England, teaching cutting techniques, working as an international educator and conducting seminars and live demonstrations for colour and styling products such as Tigi and L'Oreal"

So I knew I was in the right hands. We spoke about the tone of my skin and which c0lours would and wouldn't work for me. He said that I have cool colour tones which means red colours do not suit me, thank god as I had thought the same thing for ages. We agreed that balayage would be great for me and so this look (right) is what we ended up going for.

This was a really big change for me and getting balayage is a process which does take a long time as you need to dye the hair one block colour and once that has done he sectioned off the top layer of my hair and then paints on the bleach to different sections of my hair. There are only certain hairdressers who know how to do this technique as you need to make sure the hair blends well. 

So here are the before and afters...

My "Before" with my blonde highlights
and the after...

It is very different and I love the shade of chocolate brown on top and the colours underneath are just gorgegous, it's hard to really see all the colours without daylight. 

It was so easy to have a hairdresser come into my house to do my hair and I am just so happy with the results.
To contact Colin Bond yourself you can find more info on his website

What do you think?

Do you like my new hairdo?

miss chew


  1. Looks great Jaime! So glad to hear you're so happy with your hair. I also love my hair done by Colin Bond too ;) how good is it having a Personal hairdresser?! x

  2. I love it! Your hair looks so glossy.

  3. Thanks Girls, such a nice change! Now I want to go bolder, I just love it. Will look fab with a tan!

  4. Oh you look gorgeous - very Kate Middleton. X

  5. Thank you Jamie for your kind comments. Don't forget to look after the colour while over seas with plenty of leave-in conditioner and wear a hat if possible.


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miss chew

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