Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Winter Hair Care with Wella Professional

In the coming days I will be diving head first into Holiday posts woohoo which I am hoping will be one of those bookmark and keep kinds of posts and I know I personally love seeing what stuff bloggers take away when they go on hols as I know that is stuff they really love. 

But right now I am dealing with Winter and my poor long hair which is so in desperate need of a cut (which is happening on Saturday FYI) needs some nourishment and protection. As I always wear my hair out, it battles wind, sun, cold and rain on a daily basis and quite often all in one day and never more so then in Winter. 

I have been using the new Wella System Professional Hydrate Shampoo and Repair Conditioner-$32 each for ages now and by looking at my hair (apart from my terrible regrowth) you would think my hair was in the best condition in its life! These shampoo and conditioners not only smell amazing but they really nourish my hair from the inside out. 

The shampoo is perfect to boost moisture back into your hair whilst the conditioner helps to repair the damage done by these terrible elements that we battle out in the environment. Since using these products my hair feels soft and the small amount of flyaways I sometimes get are gone just leaving wonderful glossy hair. 

In Winter we change our skincare to match the change of seasons so we should also change our haircare and these products really have been amazing. 

The only downside for me is the bottles are really not that big and with my long hair they do not last that long for the price. The results that I get though are worth it. 

You can find these products: From selected salons or check out their website here.

So what precautions are you taking for Winter hair care?

miss chew


Please note this products were offered for consideration

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