Tuesday, June 14, 2011

GUEST POST- What 3 Nail Lacquers to bring on a tropical holiday!

Since I am going to Thailand in just a few days I have been deep into packing mode and thought I would take the opportunity to get some advice from some ladies in the know as to hair care and also what nail polishes to bring, seriously this was so hard for me, I have so many and only wanted to bring 3!

So today is my first guest post from Elise of The Nail File and Stuff That I Bought 2 of my all time favourite blogs. It was Elise's blog that got me first into blogging as I was absolutely in love with her writing style and pretty much wanted to buy anything she mentioned! Talk about a lemming! :)

So take it away Elise:

So, you're going on a tropical holiday huh? Lucky you! This is definitely one time when you want to keep it simple and easy - why waste time doing your nails when there are cocktails to be drunk and hammocks to be laid in. 

If you're going to be hitting the sand and donning your best kaftan, this is definitely the time for bright polish. My number one hit pick here is a bright coral. Coral is universally flattering, great for mani's and pedi's, and goes with all outfits. Something like Essie Coral Reef, OPI Conga-Line Coral or China Glaze High Hopes are all good bets.

OPI-Conga Line Coral
Not a coral fan? That's ok. Now is also a good time to bust out your brightest pink. Leave the pastel at home and grab an eye-catcher like Zoya Dana, OPI Miami Beet or Ulta3 Pink Pistol. Fun, festive and guaranteed to make you smile when you look down and see your toes amongst the sand. 

If maintaining a coloured mani seems like hard work while you're on vacay, pack a clear gloss or a neutral like OPI's Samoan Sand for an elegant and simple finish. Alternatively, buff your nails smooth and use the buffer to create some shine. If all that seems like hard work, have a Shellac mani before you go away so you don't have to worry!
OPI Samoan Sands
Make sure you pick a polish with lots of pigment so you only have to do one, max two, coats. And pack a quick dry top coat like Sally Hansen InstaDri - this baby is a life saver! 
Sally Hanse Inta-Dri (I have bought this already)
My last word of advice - leave the bottle of nail polish remover at home and take an Orly nail polish remover pot. Much quicker - more time for you to spend in the bar!

Thanks Elise that has helped me so much and made my decisions a lot easier.

I just wanted to thank Elise so much for this post, I hope it can help other people as much as it helped me!

So what do you think? What colours would you take away if you could only bring 3?
miss chew


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  1. Hope you are having fun in Thailand- I love it there! Orly Coquette Cutie & Revlon Tropical Temptation would be my holiday picks- both punchy coral cocktails!


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