Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sodashi Clay Cleanser bringing out the impurities in your troubled skin

Cleansers really are the base of a great skin care routine. Sorry to go on about this again but when I suffer from congestion something I learnt recently was how great clay is at drawing out impurities (meaning congestion pimples) from the skin. At the moment I have been using an array of products which are clay based with great improvements. 
The cleanser I have been loving is by a favourite spa brand of mine called Sodashi-Clay Cleanser with Lime-$80.70. What is so beautiful about Sodashi is that it is a luxury organic skincare range. This is something which still puzzels so many people yet I am just in love with the range. 

When you use this cleanser it smells strong of the lime which is really refreshing (kinda makes me wanna a cocktail) and you feel the clay in between your fingers and when I cleanse my face with this and rinse it off my skin feels hydrated, like really, really hydrated, almost like there is a fine layer sitting on my skin of moisturisation, loves it!

Since I have been using this cleanser my skin feels clearer and brighter. I have had significantly less pimples and the oil on my skin has really gotten under control. 

The sleek black glass bottle is going to last me ages as it is massive and has a handy pump action feature. The only disadvantage is that as it is glass I can't keep it in the shower like I normally like to do as I am way to clumsy and I would totally break the pretty bottle. It does look nice among my vanity sink though. I am really, really going to dread when it runs out.

 You can find Sodashi: Either online at or from Spas around the world- not bad for a brand from Perth.

I would highly recommend this creamy clay based cleanser for those of you that struggle getting congestion under control or that want a little bit of luxury in your life.

Have you tried Sodashi before?

How gorgeous is the packaging!!

miss chew


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  1. Do you think this cleanser is better for oily or dry skin? I am often frustrated when anti blemish products dry my already dry skin right out, but this looks nice.x

  2. This looks so luxe and lovely. I'm going to look into this brand now!

  3. This cleanser is great for oily skin as it balances the oil and really does not dry your skin out at all, I find it quite the opposite that my skin feels really hydrated. x


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