Wednesday, June 1, 2011

NEW Sensodyne iso-active gel to foam Toothpaste REVIEW!

Toothpaste it is something we all must have and really apart from having whitening options it really hasn't really changed all that much or pushed the boundaries as to how we clean our teeth, until now... Sensodyne iso-active muli-action foaming gel-$9.99 is unlike ANYTHING I have ever tried before when you squirt some out onto your toothbrush it appears like guys shaving gel (so weird) and looks just like the picture above. As you work it into your teeth as you would normally it transforms into a foam just like your regular toothpaste would but even more effective, getting right into those hard to reach places. 

My boyfriend and I have both been trialing this product and we really like it. We don't have to worry about trying to squeeze out every last bit of toothpaste anymore and there are no more "you didn't put the cap back on the toothpaste" arguements either, just easy peasy, no muss, no fuss. 

Did you know that around 1 in 3 people report some teeth senstivity, ouch! What is great about Sensodyne is it treats sensitive teeth which is something I really do struggle with, ice-cream be ware, and since using this product my senstivity really has improved. 

They also have a whitening toothpaste in this range too, noice!

Have you tried this wacky gel to foam toothpaste?

Would you try it?

miss chew


Please note this product was offered for consideration.


  1. Ooh the whitening one sounds nice, do you know if they have one that does both? That would be a massive winner.

  2. Im currently useing this aswell and like it.. I especally like the packaging, my boyfriend and I always get into arguments about regular "tube" toothpaste - so with the new packaging application onto your toothbrush is a breeze :)

    Stephanie xx


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