Tuesday, May 31, 2011

FAMOUS Beauty Blogger Event

Recently I was invited to the FAMOUS Sensodyne Beauty Blogger Party which was such a hoot and a all round fun and educational evening which I thought I would share with you all. 

At the ah-ma-zing Victoria Room in Sydney famously known for its High Tea we were treated to a night of beauty and pampering and getting up close and personal with some inspirational women (and men) in the world of beauty and fashion. 

 The beautiful panel of experts who answered questions about getting ready for a night out to items they always carry in their handbags. 
Bloggers listening intently to the Panel
Among the pampering we were able to expierence was a manicure by the girls from Orly. 
I love Orly and have quite a few bottles myself. If you haven't heard of these before not only do they have amazing colours, a great formula and a handle which can always be turned and opened!

The lovely colour Angie from An Obsession with the Fabulous chose the gorgeous Rage which was a popular shade on the night. I have Luxe from the same range which I absolutely adore. 

Isn't it the most beautiful rose gold?

I went to the complete other end of the spectrum with one of the most amazing new colours from Orly which I absolutely HAVE TO own!!

Meet Royal Velvet from the new Precious Metals Collection OH EM GEE....

Look at all those beautiful inky colours in this lacquer, in each different light you see purples, navy, silver and every shades in between, I  really have never seen anything like this and I have to have it. 
You do really need 3 coats to get the full on effect though, so worth it!

Angie and I with our lovely manicures!

The amazing cocktails put on for the guests...
Having some fun...

We also got a face mapping analysis done by Dermalogica which I have had done a while ago but was really interesting to get done again but I will cover that seperately. 

So what do you think of the Orly Lacquers?

Are you already hankering for a cocktail?

miss chew



  1. Oh super jealous!! Looks like such a fun night! x

  2. I have heard or Orly! But never tried it hahah The purple metallica/navy polish is definitely stunning!! :DDDDDDD

    Sounds like you had a good night and it looked quite fun!! :DDDD


  3. I LOVE ROYAL VELVET!!! I chose Rage that night too. :) It was gorgeous but I definitely prefer Royal Velvet :)

  4. Looks heaps fun. The Victoria Room is fabulous! I really like Orly polishes atm. They wear so well. I have this Royal Velvet ready to swatch too! Love the look of Rose Gold. Rose Martinis on the menu= drool!


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