Monday, May 30, 2011

Conceal, disguise and treat your spots all in one with this amazing Dermalogica product!

Ok so I am beginning to sound like a walking, talking advert for Dermalogica, sorry about that, but I do this for a reason, that they keep coming up with absolutely amazing products which blow me away and so therefore I must share with you!
My poor skin is always under constant battle with pimples, congestion, and all the like and it sucks!
I feel like my cleanser and my night creams kill them (I mean treat them) but what about during the day or throughout the day? Enter the Dermalogica Concealing Spot Treatment- $40. 
This product is really small, fits in my hand and is designed to be used in the morning when you do your makeup and then to easily carry it around in your handbag all day for touch ups. 
When you squeeze some of this product out onto your fingers it looks like a concealer and you really do not need much. The smell of this product is quite strong and can seem overpowering of like a chemical smell but that is just the wonderful pimple busting ingredients.

To use it: I first apply under my foundation or tinted moisturiser and dab it over the area directly on the spots and then once it has been left for a few seconds I blend it in. 
The colour might seem a bit dark but I find that once your blend it in and then apply foundation you don't even notice it. 

If I have a particlarily heinous pimple that has just come out of no where I will reapply during the day as well.

Since I have been using this product I have been finding my spots decrease in size so much faster than normal and I really like the approach of tackling them 24/7 full on. I take no mercy when it comes to pimples. 

You can find Dermalogica: From Salons Nationally or online at stores like

Have you got any fave pimple day time busters?

miss chew


Please note this product was offered for consideration

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  1. I love this idea, during the day I feel as though they are re-growing rather than healing sometimes! Have heard great things about Dermalogica, must check it out.


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