Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dermalogica Age Smart Antioxidant Hyrdamist- Getting me through the cold days

Oh this weather, what a nightmare! I woke on the road which means every single day I deal with the outside wind, sun, cold, hot and then there is the inside with the aircon, this leaves my skin not knowing what to think and how to react, my skin goes into hmm how do I put this, panic!
My saving grace has been this wonderful product by Dermalogica- Age Smart Antioxidant hydramist-$70. 
This product when I am out on the road during the week never leaves my handbag, I swear to you. 

My goodness the ingredients and the therefore benefits of this wonder product are very extensive so bear with me as I break it down.

When you spray the mist on your face you instantly smell the tea and that is actually white tea which helps to provide a antioxidant shield protecting your skin from damage. 

This spray also contains my new favourite love which is Hyaluronic Acid which if you are not familiar with this product I know it says acid and I know you are probably thinking how is this hydrating? Well this clever little bugger sucks in the moisture water and most importantly retains it leading to plumpy wonderful skin. It just can't get enough of water and is a fabulous anti-ageing or in more case preventitive anti-ageing ingredient. 

Next on my list of fave ingredients in this product is a hefty amount of Vitamin C. When I saw my beauty therapist recently and I was discussing the deep dark troughs I get under my eyes that look like dark circles but aren't puffy she said the only ingredient guaranteed to fade the darkness is Vitamin C, sign me up! More on that later. 

There are also other wonderful ingredients such as licorice, Vitamin E, Rose and Clove extracts to name some more... I know this baby is really powerful. 

I spritz this throughout the day ontop of my foundation and instantly my skin and my head goes "ahhhh" in a breathing sigh of relief way. It is so amazing and my skin looks healthy and glow. The tightness that I feel when I am battling all the conditions is relieved with a few quick sprays. I also find that if I am going out after work and I haven't got any makeup with me to touch up that by spraying this product it refreshes my skin and makes my makeup last longer. 

You can find Dermalogica: in Salons nationally and you can view their website

Have you tried this wonder prod? What product has been getting you through this nasty weather?

miss chew


Please note this product was offered for consideration

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