Sunday, May 15, 2011

HUGE NEWS from Kiehl's and a exciting COMPETITION!!

Call me vain but the first time I heard about Kiehl's was years ago when I was completely obsessed with Sex and The City and I saw a picture of Sarah Jessica Parker walking along the streets of New York with a Kiehl's bag in tote and I knew I had to find out exactly what this brand was and how I could get my hands on it. (I have actually tried finding this pic with no luck). Fast forward a few years and the brand which had such an effect on me now it seems is just too expensive for the average girl to regularily purchase.... until NOW!

Last week a group of Sydney beauty bloggers were invited to the Kiehl's flagship store in Paddington to be let in on the great news. Unfortunately living in the amazing country that we do means that we suffer when it comes to buying cosmetics, what is really reasonably priced in America is almost double over here. This unfortunate fact means many of us savvy girls do most of our buying OS when shipping is permitted, now I don't know about you but the thoought that I have to do that all the time really irks me. Just because it is sold in another country does not mean the price should double grrrrrrr... 

Anyway the people at Kiehl's were definitely listening as they are really SIGNIGICANTLY dropping their prices and you know what the best part is, it's for GOOD!

At the event we were treated exceptionally well and were offered a skin care analysis by their experts and were recommended 2 products which we were able to take home and to trial. 

The 2 items I was given was the iconic Creme de Corps, easily the product they are most famous for which was originally $89 now down to $68!! Such a fantastic drop in prices and since using this product it is well worth it and I will be reviewing it soon. 

The second product was their Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Masque. My poor congested skin sometimes needs a extra boost and the clay works to draw out impurities I will blog more about this soon. 
 Here are just a couple of pics from the event...

So if you have been wanting to try Kiehl's or you have a product that is just about to run out now is the perfect time to get in and try these amazing products. Honestly this brand has been around since 1851, they really know their shiz, their approach is no nonsense beauty with products that really work. I know I am excited to be getting involved with such a cult brand.

So............ now is when we get into the FUN! The lovely guys at Kiehl's are running a COMPETITION for us Bloggers and I really need your help (trust me if I win, you guys win too!) All I need you my lovely readers to do is...
1. Simply head over to the Kiehl's Australia Facebook page, "Like" it, and write the following on their wall “I found out about the Kiehl’s Price Drop from miss chew and my favourite product is (insert your fave Kiehl's product)”

The blogger with the most comments on the Kiehl's Australia Facebook page will win the competition & receive a deluxe pack of Kiehl’s best-selling products which I would be reviewing on my lovely blog, PLUS a plethora of deluxe samples to use for reader competitions/giveaways (This is where you guys will really benefit and I promise to make it worth your while, as I haven't run a competition in ages!).

2. Post the “I found out about the Kiehl’s Price Drop from miss chew and my favourite product is (insert your fave Kiehl's product)” comment on Twitter directed to @egpr_beauties, and I will receive extra points.

It would mean so much to me to win something like this, to know I really have your support. I feel like I pour my blood, sweat and tears into this blog and would love to be able to give you something back by winning. 

Entries close of the 20th May which is this Friday so we need to get a wiggle on. 

Any questions, just ask...

Thank you so much, 

miss chew



  1. I use to love the rare earth cleansing milk but they disconned it :( Still, great news to hear Kiehls are reducing prices, yippee!

  2. They still have the rare earth deep pore cleanser, have you tried that one? I am loving this whole range!


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