Monday, May 2, 2011

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence Really is Miracle Water

Facial Treatment Essence touted as "Miracle Water" by not only beauty magazines all over the world but also by many friends of mine who swear by it. I have heard of this product for years, I mean, come on, it's famous! What stopped me from buying it in the past quite frankly was the price, at a minimum $100 for 75ml it is not cheap. 
When I began my new job 6 weeks ago I decided it was time to treat myself and really see if this wonder product lives up to the hype. 

The product SK-II Facial Treatment Essence $100 is a toner in a sense that that is where it fits in your line of products you use yet it so much more than that. This product was the first brough out by SK-II and contains their "wonder" ingredient Pitera and also has the highest concentration of it among all of their products. This ingredient not only massively increases your skins hydration but it also makes your skin incredibly smooth by evening out any lumps and bumps (the best way I can describe it) and makes your skin glow. 

Within a week of using this product my skin was already glowing and appeared so smooth, it decreased acne scarring on my cheeks. My skin did not seem dry at all which I think is incredibly important with Winter coming. 

To Apply: I use it morning and night after I cleanse I put a small amount into the palm of my hand and gently dab it onto my face with my fingertips. They say to use cotton pads to apply but off many people I have heard they don't say don't bother as it just wastes product.

They say this product is Miracle Water and I have to agree, my skin loves it and I haven't looked back and yes I will be buying this again. The funny this is that it has no smell, so weird! It really is miracle "water". I absolutely love it and I think you would really struggle to find someone who wasn't in love with it after trying it.

 You can find SK-II- at selected David Jones and Myer and also online here

Have you tried SK-II? Would you spend that much on skincare?

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  1. Like you, I've been considering buying this for a while too. Your review has convinced me!

  2. Hi can i know if this essence would be suitable for young skin, im 20 this year, thanks, and I have dry but clear skin.


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