Thursday, May 26, 2011

REVIEW: Rimmel 25 Hour Lasting Finish Foundation

I have been a fan of Rimmel LONDON foundations for a while now, they are my go-to for the cheaper end of the scale foundations that really do the trick especially for say work days when I just want some coverage whilst saving my goodies for more special occasions. 
When my last one ran out I decided to try the new Rimmel LONDON Lasting Finish 25 hour Foundation- $17.95. 25 hours? Come on! 
I was skeptical to the say the least but you know what? I have really long days and I am so flat chat all day running from meeting to meeting that I don't have time to touch up my makeup all day and I can't be bothered to tell you the truth, not for average work days, so I really need heavy duty makeup.

This foundation they say is transfer proof, smudge proof so I put it to the test. It also contains something called a "Aqua primer" which is supposed to help your skin stay hydrated all day as well.

They have 7 shades to suit most skin types and whilst I normally pick the very most lightest shade I went with 103 or true ivory. (Gosh I am pale). This colour suits me ridiculously well and makes my skin look so even toned and provides fantastic coverage (big tick right there). I do set the foundation with my translucent powder which I always do. 

During the day I notice that my makeup hold really well especially on my cheeks and forehead throughout the whole day. The only area which I would say probably required a touch up would be my chin area but I have been eating apples whilst driving. not to mention talking non stop so I make that area work really hard. 

Do I think it lasts 25 hours? Probably not the full 25 hours and I am not going to try sleeping with it on but I was really happy throughout the day and I will continue to use it. 

Just a quick note also about the effects of the "Aqua Primer" I have been under some serious conditions whilst wearing this baby and I do still continue to spray with my Dermalogica Hydrmist but in saying that this is definitely not a drying foundation that's for shiz. 

Would I recommend this product? Yes I certaintly would if you are after a cheap foundation that gives great coverage.

Have you tried this foundation before?

miss chew



  1. i have heard great reports about this foundation. I must give it a go.
    Thanks for the review J xx

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  3. Haven't tried it, but you've made me really want to. Even though I'd never want to find out if it actually does last for 25 hours. d:


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