Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bronzer is your friend not your enemy!

I love my Bronzer, I really do, it is without doubt at the most top of my list of products I cannot leave the house without. I am quite the pale poppet and so bronzer makes me look human and healthy with a nice "glow". My now HG product which has made every other pale in comparision ha! How funny am I? 
The product is NARS-Laguna Bronzer ah-maz-ing! What I adore about this bronzer is the amazing shade which when applied lightly depending on your skin tone applies warmth to the skin and has the softest gold flecks through it.
What does frustrate me is when I see lovely, pretty girls who apply it wrong. Bronzer is supposed to accentuate your features subtly and is suitable for even the most pale skins and not just those who are super duper fake tanned.
Example one:
Khloe Kardashian
Ahhh Khloe, so often you are the one sister to commit the most makeup mistakes and this is one. Where girls apply too much of the bronzer to the apples of their cheeks. 

When you apply bronzer: apply it just below your cheek bones to give your face contours which make your cheek bones pop! When you apply it suck in your cheeks and apply it just below your cheek bones (it's easier this way). This is the look you want to go for as shown by miss Black Lively see below.

  Hubba hubba, gosh she is just divine! When you look at this picture she is all about subtly and also blending, so it looks like she just woke up looking like this, well she probably looked almost this good, damn her. 

Another tip: When I apply it I gently use a bronzer brush to apply only a little of product and I tap it onto my hand before I apply it onto my cheeks we can always apply a bit more and build but getting too much product on your cheeks and gosh its a pain to take away. 

Less is more girls....

NARS is available through MECCA Cosmetica which is where I usually purchase! 

So tell me, which Bronzer do you love? I love finding new goodies. 

miss chew


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