Thursday, October 7, 2010

Afraid to wear backless dresses? Get rid of Bacne now!

Now that the weather is coming up to Summer I know there are some of you that cringe at the thought of people seeing your back. I know this is something people don't normally talk about, but I think this is important.
So many people suffer in silence from pimples on their back, well this is the solution.
I came across Clinique Anti-blemish solutions body spray $33 ages ago when I started getting a few spots on my back. I found it was really hard to find an appropriate product. Whats great about this spray is that works 360 degrees so whatever angle you need it for it will get there as the middle parts of your back can be quite hard to reach.

What I was told to do was to spray over the affected areas and then let it dry and then hop in the shower and wash it off, that easy!

The spray helps to reduce oil which leads to breakouts and will remarkable increase the condition of the skin in those areas. 
They say to start only using it once a day and build up to twice a day but just keep an eye out on the condition of your skin as it can be very drying.

It doesn't smell pretty but this isn't a feel good product, it's a medicated spray and for that it does its job really well.

miss chew


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