Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Get your fattest lashes with this mascara.

I know that if I am not wearing makeup to go out there is something about the feeling of having mascara on that makes me feel "done".
I like giving new mascaras a try each time one runs out and I have tried Maybelline ones in the past and have always had great success as they continually keep up with the trends and are looking at ways of making mascaras better.
Thats' when I decided to try Maybelline Colossal volume express $19.25 (I got mine from Priceline) I had seen the ads for this new mascara and was impressed by its claims.
I am rather lucky as I have quite full lashes but I really love having big, fat lashes. 
What is great about this mascara is it gives you the crazy amounts of volume due to its collagen formula (what you say? Isn't that for face plumping?) well instead of restoring volume to your face it gives volume to your lashes. 
The brush is designed to make sure every lash is coated and I find it hardly clumps.
The first time I used it I was pretty much blown away by my lashes and thought it looked like I had fake lashes on. 
What's even better is there is now a waterproof version!!
I have gone back to try other mascaras but now no other compare to have crazy thick my lashes can be. I definitely think this is worth a try!

miss chew


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