Thursday, October 14, 2010

Future is here....

I love the festival season and everything about it, I love hearing my fave bands all in one day, the fashion the dancing, I have made some fantastic memories from these days but this next festival season was leaving me rather disappointed... until now....


 -just so you know the VIP tix are not worth it, honestly load of crap... save your money for drinks on the day or a novelty t-shirt!
Review last year: Last year the acts were great but that is about it. The annoying thing about future is the venue... It gets bloody hot and there is virtually no shade and there is this big bloody bridge you have to cross to get from act to act which is crowded with thousands of people... So I say that unless you absolutely LOVE this acts, I wouldn't bother. I wouldn't be going either but I am pretty much in love with half of these acts... especially Dizzee Rascal. I saw him at BDO last year and he knocked my socks off! Best act of the day and that was the general consensus too!
The other great thing about Future is it has a silent disco, If you have never done one before, oh good lord the fun! It is hilarious watching people dance around and with the headphones off to total silence... 

Do you love festivals? Are you going to future...

miss chew



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