Friday, September 10, 2010

Tomorrow when the war began...Review

Last night I went and saw the film adaptation of the book series by John Marsden "Tomorrow when the war began".
As a teenager I was a big reader and I must have read this series of books countless times, I loved the drama, the love stories, and the whole coming of age feel to the books. I definitely had high expectations because I loved the books so much and thankfully I was not dissapointed!
At first it was shaping up to be a little high on the cheese factor but luckily that soon died down. 
The characters where really well cast in my mind and all played great roles. The effects were great and pretty mind blowing, the only thing that annoys me with series movies is you are always left hanging, wanting more!
I really, really hope this movie does well enough for them to make more of them as in my mind its the best aussie movie I have seen in ages!
The scenery is great and they haven't hammed up the Aussies accents or mannerisms too much either, it actually makes the characters seem believable.
Basically the storyline without giving too much away is that a group of teenagers from the country go camping and whilst away their country is invaded and all their families and friends are taken hostage and they decide to fight back. 
I really enjoyed this film and desperately want to see more!
I would recommend to anyone!
I give it 4/5

miss chew 


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