Thursday, September 30, 2010

So you have a hot date tonight but you are as white as a ghost? Don't Panic! Get this!

So the guy you really liked asked you out or suddenly you have a event to go to and you realise with shock horror you are as white as a ghost!!! Don't panic! Here is what I do:
I grab my bottle of Model Co Bronze Airbrush Sun ($28) for my top half. Why? Well this little baby not only smells amazing with their signature frangipani scent but will pretty much instantly (well in 20-45 seconds) turn you a beautiful golden brown. In the spray are really fine little sparkly particles which make your face and chest illuminous!  (If that's not a word, it should be!) It even contains aloe vera to hydrate your skin, noice! You will be literally glowing!
Model Co- Bronze Airbrush Sun $28
My tip for when spraying on your face apart from close your eyes is to go in small circles so that way you don't end up all stripey. Also make sure you do your neck as that's an area which is often forgotten. I know this product is a little bit more at the expensive end but as I only use it for face and chest it lasts me ages!
The colour maintains really well and can be washed off with water (so this isn't really appropriate if there are clouds around- sorry!)
I then keep a slightly darker face foundation for occasions such as this and apply on top which means the colour looks more natural on your skin rather then just chucking on a darker colour to your pale skin. 

For my legs I grab my second fave product, Sally Hansen Airbrush legs (see below) which I spray onto my hand and then rub into my legs. This amazing formula acts like a foundation for your legs and hides any little spider veins and marks.

Sally Hansen-Airbrush Legs- $24.95
And Voila you are ready to go you hot stuff you!

Just in time for the party season!

miss chew


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