Friday, September 17, 2010

Party hard and still look pretty!

Garnier Clean Sensitive Makeup Wipes- $8.95
With the weather getting warmer it means the festive season is just around the corner and that means party, party, party!
All the late nights and champers means we can all get a little slack in the beauty department myself included. Hence the magical invention of makeup wipes. 
I have been a fan for donkeys years as they make my life so much easier. 
I have tried many types over the years and the Garnier Clean Sensitive Makeup wipes are my number one and have been for a really long time. 
I have mentioned before that I have sensitive skin and these just work a treat. 
My fave thing about them is they remain really moist and don't dry out even to the last wipe- nice one!
They take off all my makeup so well and leave my skin feeling hydrated and refreshed after each use.
I usually purchase these from Priceline and they quite often are on special, and I can get them much cheaper! Noice!
I never wake up with pander eyes either these days, my pet hate look. Every time I see a girl with pander eyes in the morning I get a little frustrated at how naughty that girl was not taking her makeup off properly.
I keep these babies in my bedside table so no matter what I will take my makeup off which is a great tip for anyone. 
I can't wait for all the parties actually... excited much?

miss chew


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