Monday, September 6, 2010

Nudie makeup?

If you're like most girls, you grew up wearing foundation, I know I did. There wasn't an alternative, that was just what you did. When I had my first consultation with Dee from the Clear Skin Clinic who I have mentioned quite a bit. She educated me on just how bad it really is for your skin. Basically you are putting like a mask over your skin which blocks your pours which does nothing good for your skin. What we should all be using is Mineral Powder Foundation!! About 2 months ago I bravely made the switch, old habits are hard to break. The 2 things I remembered someone once telling me was to buy a brand that initially came out with mineral foundation as this is what they do. (So not a big brand that has decided to give it a go) and make sure it doesn't contain talc.
Ok so with those 2 tips in mind I purchased Nude by Nature mineral foundation in the lightest shade from Priceline. 

Natural Mineral Cover $39.95

I also purchased their brush that goes with it.

Application Brush $14.95
How to apply: I tap some of the powder onto the lid then with the brush I swirl into the powder. The tap the brush on the side of the lip so excess powder is shaken off. Apply brush to face is smaller circular patterns. The idea is that the you work the powder into your skin and can build up coverage if you have certain imperfections you would like to correct. 
Benefits of Mineral Foundation: For one thing, it's all natural. The next and more important fact is that it lets your skin breathe! They even say you can wear this makeup to bed, it's that good for your skin. (I never do) I like that it actually lets the glow of my natural skin shine through as well. 
If I am having a day where I am really tired (big bags under my eyes) or having a hormonal day (spots) I apply some liquid concealer then I apply the powder on top!

To be honest it does take some getting used to. At first I was like ummm wheres the coverage? But I think after so many years using liquid I am just so used to what I normally see. 
These days I wouldn't dream of putting liquid on my face during the week, there's no need and my skin has definitely thanked me for it. 

miss chew 


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