Thursday, September 9, 2010

5 Things I am lusting over for my new apartment...

As my boyfriend and I are moving into our first apartment together next weekend I have been dreaming (literally) of what I would have in my dream apartment. As we are still young, these dreams are far off, but are nice to think about for one day. Here are my top 5, if I could!
1. Kitchenaid Mixmaster- I love to cook and this is pretty much the platinum standard for any wanna be cook! They are rather pricey at approx $650!! But they will honestly last a lifetime, they have been around a million years and are well worth it.
Kitchenaid Mixmaster
 2. Set of Global Knives- I bought the 20cm chef knife of this set when I was working as a chef a million years ago and I have loved and worshiped it ever since! It feels amazing, has perfect weight and looks so professional. The entire set, that would costs a pretty penny considering one knife set me back $200!
Global Knives
3. Pretty Wall Mirror- I have been obsessed with these types of mirrors for so long and would love to one day have one in my home. 
Beautiful Mirror
4. Coffee Machine- I do love a good coffee in the morning and god I would love to be able to make it in my own home sometimes. 
Beautiful Coffee Machine
5. Stainless steel, upside down, double door fridge- This is my absolute dream! I love the thought of a massive fridge, it literally makes me squeal with excitement at the possibilities. I know I am so incredibly lame but I will one day own one, I just may need to mortage my then house to afford one, but oh I will love it!
My dream Fridge!
That is all, I don't think I ask for much... hehe 

miss chew


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