Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tone the right way

Environ Alpha Toner Forte
Toning I think is the one stop so many girls (myself included, until recently) skip out on when it is so important!
I wanted to go over again as I am sure many of you have heard before the massive benefits of a toner! (I know this may make me sound like a nanna but it's for your own good!)
1. Cleans your skin deeper-Sometimes your cleanser will not remove all of the dirt and makeup off your skin, so this little baby mops up the bits you missed!
2. Makes your moisturiser work harder- So many of these amazing moisturisers that are coming out in the market contain active ingredients and there is honestly no point of having them if they can't penetrate through your skin!
3. Tightens your pores-In the toner I use it contains Alpha Hydroxy which exfoliates the skin to tighten and close off all those pours, which also means that dirt will have difficulty getting themselves back into your pours
4. Restores the Natural pH of your skin- Let me explain, the pH scale is between 1-14. If something is acidic it is measured between 1-6.9 and if something is alkaline it is between 7.1-14 and a 7 is neutral. If your skin is healthy its pH should be between 4.5-6.0 where it can fight off bacteria. (The bacteria is what causes acne as those little buggers get right in the pours and breed like rabbits!) Most cleansers have a higher pH so the toner aims to bring it back down to a healthy fighting level ready for when you slap on the moisturiser.
5. Removes excess oil from skin- for you girls that have oily skin toner really helps to get your oil under control by removing the excess sebum off your skin. Win!

When to use: I am sure you have all heard that you are supposed to tone after you cleanse morning and night and then you moisturise. I dab this particular toner onto my skin as it is very strong and is used to also help clear up the last of the nasties on my skin. A lot of people use cotton balls to dab it onto the skin. 

I hope this has helped to explain what a toner is all about and why it is so important

miss chew


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