Thursday, September 2, 2010

The power of a good Blow Dry

 When it comes to blowdrying or actually doing my hair, I pretty much suck! I want to get better I do, maybe it's lack of time or interest to spend that long doing my hair. 
A little while ago my lovely boss won me a free blow dry from the amazing people at Polished Beauty Bar in Woolhara on a Friday night and I was in for a treat!
When I arrived in their pristine salon I was treated to a herbal tea and relaxed whilst I waited my turn. 
Polished Beauty Bar
I was then treated to a fantastic wash and omg great head massage which I was in heaven! 
Then the magic began! My hairdresser was a magaician as only someone with magic could move their hands as fast as what he did. My hair was fluffy, bouncy and more volume then you could poke a stick at!
So how can I get a free blowdry you ask?
Why just be a friend of their's on twitter of cause! How easy!!

They also offer so many other services such as pilates, beauty treatments, non-surgical treatments and many more...

Here is the after pick of my blow dry!

How bouncy of me!
How can I find these amazing people?
Polished Beauty Bar
Level 1, 132 Queen Street
Woollahra NSW 2025
P: 1800 Polished or 02 9328 5028

 I highly recommend you give it a go if you got a big do on the weekend!!

miss chew


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