Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Baby you can light my fire...

Elume candle- $12.95
Now that I have my brand spanking new pad I am all about house goodies... I have mentioned before how much I love surrounding myself in beautiful smells.
With my apartment I am going with a real natural, raw materials, and earthy colours and beaches. One thing that remind me of the beach more than sunburn is the smell of coconut.
I actually came across these candles years ago and have kept the same one for a long time. Which was why I was so incredibly excited to find a homeware shop just near me which stocks their range!! Win!!
As the big fan of candles as I am I think that I know a good candle when I see one. I have seen some of these candles that are around the $100 mark and wonder how on earth they can charge those kinds of prices!!
That's where the Elume range came in. You can find more about them here. The company was started by Mark and Joelle Lavender who were searching for high quality exotic scented candles that they could produce for reasonable prices.
I always feel that you can tell a good quality candle by the smell and as you burn it, a good quality candle will retain its beautiful scent.
This sdent is my favourite as it invokes everything I want in the theme of my apartment. I bought 2 of them and you know what? I haven't even lit them yet and my apartment is filled with the most amazing scent!
I have seen these candles in homeware shops around so I guess what I would like you to take from this blog is to keep an eye out for these babies.
They are inexpensive, last for ages and have the most amazing smells.

They smell so damn delicious!

miss chew


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