Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What is beauty sleep and are you getting it?

We all throw around the term getting our "beauty sleep" but for many of us that can mean so many different things. We are right in the aspect that everyone is different and we all function the best on varied amounts of sleep, but what I wanted to do today is to enlighten you a little on just why it is so important not to be scrimping on our sleep and also methods we can use to help us get some better zzzzzzz's.
Why we need beauty sleep

1. Helps your body to heal-As soon as you start to drift off to sleep you generally get an increase in your growth hormone, a lot of people refer to this as beauty sleep as the growth hormone helps your body to repair and rebuild body tissue like the muscle and bone. Your body uses this time to reboot so you are ready to live another day.

2. Makes your moisturisers work harder-Some of the active ingredients in our moisturisers are susceptible to sunlight and so therefore they work so much more effectively when used at night when you sleep. These include antioxidants and vitamins C and E.

3. Gives your skin a glow-When you sleep your body cools down about half a degree and this increases your circulation, the increase in bloody flow to your skin does wonders and gives your skin a glow. Conversely without enough sleep that's when your skin looks dull and pale.

Tips to get a better night sleep 

1.Get to sleep at the same time each night- this will help your body settle into a natural rhythm and you will notice you will start getting sleepy at that time. 

2. Avoid having a large meal just before bed-Your body needs time to break down big means and needs to do this before going into a resting state of sleep. 

3. Start winding your body down before bed time- avoiding harsh lighting, listen to soft music and starting to relax yourself by having a bath. All these things will help tell your body its almost time to go to sleep. 

Hope this helps, 

miss chew


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