Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Why this is the only moisturiser you need right now...

Dr Spiller Biocosmetic -Collagen Face Cream
If you are like pretty much every normal Sydney-sider right now, or have ever experienced a winter you will know that Mother Nature is not kind to our skins in winter. Due to the dryness of my skin I have been using thicker creams which have been causing me to massively break out! Great just what you want in Winter! Enter the Collagen Face Cream or as I have learned its generally called the Blue Cream. 
I was introduced the wonder cream from Dee Davies owner of  the Clear Skin Clinic in Double Bay recently. There will be another blog on that soon, but what she was saying was that a lot of the moisturisers out on the market contain fats which clog your pores leading to these breakouts. The beauty of the blue cream is its a water based cream! When you rub it between your fingers its so nice a thick and feels weird without the usual fats. What I love is that I can slather my skin in this wonder cream morning and night and in the past 3 weeks, no breakouts!!

So lovely and oh so blue!

Cream comes with nifty little spatula so you aren't digging your little mitts in the pot!

In Summer there is a lighter version of the cream to use, perfect!
Honestly, my skin has never felt so hydrated in this harsh weather!!
Price: $114- But worth every penny as you only use small amounts
To find out more:
Call their hotline at 1300 301 007
or check out their website
Sold: Beauticians nationally

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